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In Medieval Europe when the butcher was caught adding some unknown substance into his sausage, that news may have taken a week to spread throughout the province; as opposed to the 21st century’s ability to learn of one dead bovine that succumbed to “Mad Cow” disease in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

New York Fashion Film Documentary the Tents Debuts September 2011 at Lincoln Center

Fashion film maker, Marcus K. Jones, chose the fashion week of September in Manhattan to coincide with the fashion industry’s showing of its Spring and Summer couture.

Fashion Film Extraordinaire Marcus K. Jones’ Keen Eye for Beauty Builds Trust

Marcus, a NYU Film Alumnus, began his fashion film career editing videos for Christian Dior and Estée Lauder along with Omega, RADO, and Bedat.

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The Original David brand Commissioned to Design Custom Shirt for NBA MVP Derrick Rose: Releases Limited Edition

The Original David is a underground high end streetwear brand with an in the know following that includes Wale, Common, Trey Songz Nas and QuestLove to Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley to Kim Hastreiter, of Paper Mag. Zakari is also the first woman to ...

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