COMPASS is one of the leading private travel companies of the world specializing in bespoke tours. It is our endeavor to offer the finest experience to our guests by exceeding their expectations through unremitting dedication to perfection, in every aspect of our business. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail and personalized service has been consistently appreciated & recognized by our guests. We have spent years designing itineraries to ensure that the experiences we offer are authentic and brilliantly executed. COMPASS is headquartered in India which means that every suggestion we make has been tried and tested: we can talk to you firsthand about all of the trips, excursions, de-tours, activities and safaris we recommend. The great benefit of travel is that it shifts the mind out of routine, raises awareness of the moment, and opens eyes to the smallest details. New environments nurture fresh perspectives; new experiences create lasting memories that can change our outlook - when we travel consciously, we can permanently change the way we see the world and our understanding of our place in it. COMPASS encourages conscious travel, connecting guests to landscapes, communities and traditions in ways that stimulate the senses, inspire the mind and nourish the soul.