Beyond Dzongs and Monasteries: On a Happiness Trail in Bhutan!

LogoTraverse to one of the world's most captivating and exhilarating regions- the Indian Subcontinent, a land of diverse panoramas blessed with some of the most breathtaking landscapes and steeped in a rich bounty of colourful traditions.

Walking Through India's Forts and Palaces: A Royal Legacy

LogoIndia's eternal history is brimming with myriad tales of battles, triumph and vigour. The magnificent secular edifices, invincible forts, palaces and mansions narrate countless stories of courage, romance, chivalry and tragedies that befell the region. Built during the medieval period, these formidable forts were constructed to protect the territory from attacks. These living legends have been witness to the rise and fall of many fortunes and kingdoms; today they stand testimony to the bygone era of decadence, elegance and royalty.

A Soul-Searching Passage to India!

LogoTravel is not about the time it's about you. It's not something that you are good at; it's something you do – like breathing.

Darting Around Darjeeling with Compass India Inc.

LogoDarjeeling, a quaint hill station nestled in the foothills of Himalayas is a rare rendezvous of breathtaking locales with an illustrious history. Many eons ago, the mountain spurs, on the slopes of which Darjeeling now stands formed a part of the independent kingdom of Sikkim. It was shrouded with dense forest with the mighty Kanchenjunga as a backdrop. The British learned that the elevation and conditions were best suited for the cultivation of tea. They started importing tea plants from China. This paved the way for the tea plantation and today it is a thriving business. Darjeeling Tea is famous worldwide and is a particular favourite of the British. The modest town of Darjeeling was home to the British tea planters and became the summer residence of The British Raj. To escape the balmy heat of Calcutta, the then capital of The British Raj, the British found the solace in the arms of this small hill station. Darjeeling seemed perfect for its weather and beauty and till date attracts a large number of tourists.

Discover the Joy of Travel in the City of Joy with Compass

LogoThe erstwhile political capital of India was also the intellectual and cultural capital of the country. During the British Raj, Calcutta, as it then called, thrived as the main trading hub for the Sub-continent. It is challenging to find one word to depict this vibrant and yet enigmatic city. An old world charm veils this city of joy. Its gait is slow and stubborn. It is a sharp contrast to the pace of any other city like Mumbai or the current capital New Delhi. From the sluggish trams to Victorian buildings, the impact of the Colonization is vivid and looms large over the contours of this city.

Compass Introduces Walks Into the Weavers' Colonies

LogoArt forms existed even before anything else existed. The Harappan seals are testimony to this. Bone needles and woven cotton was discovered amongst the ruins of Mohenjo-daro. There are references of the craft of weaving in the ancient scriptures like Vedas too. India has a vast treasure of various forms of weave. It is a marvel that an ancient art like weaving still exists. Unfortunately, the carriers of this tradition are a dwindling lot. They seldom get the recognition they deserve. Weaving is a skill that requires sheer brilliance and the expertise and dogma passes on to the following generation.

Gently Down the Ganges with Compass India Holidays

LogoThe spirituality of the east has forever fascinated the west. The inquest for inner peace, the queries about the deeper aspects of life, the understanding of the essence of life, often end on the banks of the Holy Ganges. With the mystical river flowing by your side, the aesthetics of Rishikesh, Haridwar and Varanasi often casts a spell on you. The sacred river, is often associated with penance as well as pleasure and no one returns thwarted from its banks.

Explore the Mumbai Madness with Compass

LogoWarm and friendly Mumbai has many surprises in store. It is young, it is vibrant and it is the financial hub of India. Mumbai boasts of a diverse nature and a multi-cultural lifestyle. Take a detour from all things touristy and try something different in the Maximum city. It plays host to various cultural festivals. Discard your inhibitions and revel in these celebrations. The Kala Ghoda festival is one such fiesta, which showcases works of various artists in the field of art, music dance and theatre.

Compass Introduces Homestays with Noble Families of Rajasthan

LogoRajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its opulent palaces, glorious castles and its massive forts. Over a period of time in History, some of the Princely order got stratified. Within the British rule of India, many Princely families were also considered as Noble families. These families held estates, but without sovereign rights. They enjoyed special privileges. These Noble families held court to administer justice, collected taxes owned agricultural land and estates. With the vagaries of time, some of these sanctions eroded away. Independent India cancelled Privy Purses and thus Royal and Noble families lost their political significance. Governments cannot change the colour of blood that runs through veins. Nor can it take away the erstwhile glory and the acquired heritage.

Indian Festivals – A Celebration of Its Culture

LogoIndia is famous for its festivals and festivity. As a secular country, India celebrates various festivals, which reflects its unique diversity. For Indians celebrations can be a gateway to the most hermetic aspects of life. It is in these celebrations that most Indians unite with their family, their own inner being, and their God.