Venture Into India - from Its Southern Gateways

LogoThe south of India opens its gates to the world through four international airports, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi and Hyderabad. India, like any other country has geographic divisions. In a broad aspect, it is divided into the Northern half and the Southern half. With its culture, customs, architecture and habitat the two divisions are poles apart. The language is different too. Though most of all southern states have working knowledge of English, Hindi, the National language of the country is not spoken at all. All four states speak four different languages, yet they are bound by similar traditions and customs. This is where the uniqueness of diversity emerges and appeals to the rest of the world. People in the southern states are more mellowed and appear humble than their northern counterparts. This epiphany hits the traveller as soon as one sets foot into the country. If the visitor has already been to North India, this is more palpable.

India's Premier Luxury Tour Company Focuses on Eco Tourism

LogoTravel for leisure's sake is tourism. For most people, there is a deep, satisfying sense in traveling to a new place, to witness new surroundings, newer habitat and seeing things never experienced. There is a growing need in urban people to see natural habitat and their harbored wildlife before they diminish from this brutal, urbane world. Eco Tourism is travel to these exotic destinations, specifically to admire and enjoy wildlife and explore indigenous cultures.

Experience the Beautiful, Blossoming, Burma (Myanmar) with Compass India Holidays

LogoFor many years, Burma now known as Myanmar remained an outcast state. Post the British rule, its neighboring countries thrived, but Myanmar remained isolated from the rest of the world. Myanmar's wealth of Buddhist Pagodas and ancient temples has now boosted the tourism industry.

Compass India Holidays - Now in God's Own Country

LogoIndia is going through a tectonic shift in its tourism industry. Its closely guarded visa regulations is a thing of the past. Visa on arrival is approved for more than 50 countries including United States of America and Great Britain. It is a clear gesture that the Government is looking forward to smoothen the passage to India.

Experience the Vibrant Pushkar Fair 2015 with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoThroughout the year, people from Rajasthan and all around India wait for this auspicious time in November when the much-awaited Pushkar fair takes place. Along with the buying and selling of camels, other kinds of cattle change hands too. A variety of cultural and sporting events take place. Men and women can dress up in all their finery and colourful attire.

Compass India Holidays Takes You on a Newly Launched 12 Day Temple Tour to the South of India

LogoIndia's Dravidian heartland –the South of India offers an experience which is quite different from the rest of India. A major hub for culture, education, soaked in deep rooted traditions and rituals this is also the country's richest pilgrimage center.

Explore Rustic Rajasthan with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoRajasthan- The house of royalty, "the land of Princes", a whimsical, mystical land famous for its rich vibrant heritage and traditions ,dotted with magnificent palaces and formidable forts, a labyrinth of colorful bazaars and historic sights, golden sand dunes and placid azure lakes.

Compass India Holidays Reintroduces the 17 Day Leh Ladakh Tours: Experience the Surreal Beauty of Ladakh

LogoLadakh the "land of high passes", an enchanting land set in the Himalayan mountain splendor, nestled at an altitude of 3500 meters above the sea level is wedged between the Himalayan and Kumarakom ranges. A beautiful land of endless discoveries, with fantastical and surreal landscapes, this is one of the highest inhabited plateaus in the world. Vistas of barren, jagged arid mountains, spectacular topography, picture perfect gompas, white washed stupas, meandering rivers and emerald blue lakes –the beauty of this magical land has been beckoning travelers and explorers for centuries.

Traverse India to Discover the Healing Secrets of Ayurveda with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoAyurveda evolved around 600 BC in India and was founded upon a medicinal approach of preventing body ailments, whilst curing them. Ayurveda, means the science of healthy living, derives its name from the Sanskrit words, AYUR (LIFE) and VEDA (KNOWLEDGE) that looks at healing in a holistic way.

Luxury Honeymoon Tours in God's Own Country with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd

Logo"Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown."