Unravel the Beauty of the Tranquil Emerald Backwaters of Kerala with Compass India Holidays

LogoKerala the southern state of India or God's own country as it is fondly known stretches along the Malabar Coast on the south western side of the Indian peninsula. Much like its backwaters this region of the South of India has a gentler, more relaxed and leisurely pace. A holiday in South India with its tropical climate and abundant greenery is a wonderful contrast to the somewhat frenetic and dry North of India. It also offers a perfect peaceful respite from the maddening crowds and chaos of the cities.

Celebrate the Festival of Colors: Holi Festival Tour India 2015 with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoHoli, the festival of colors is one of the most popular, vibrant and boisterous festivals of India. Celebrated every year on the days of the full moon in the month of March, with extreme gaiety and joy this festival heralds the end of winter and marks the advent of spring. Also known as the spring festival, it is a time of unity, happiness and “joie de vivre” as the streets are transformed into a kaleidoscope of all the colors of the rainbow.

Explore Nepal and Its Spectacular Beauty with Compass India Holidays Pvt Ltd

LogoWedged between the two titans India and China, Nepal is a relatively small country with geographic icons, breathtaking mountain landscape and myriad treasures. With its ancient culture and the mighty Himalayas as a backdrop, this birth place of Lord Buddha has truly earned the title as the roof of the world.

The Grandeur of North India Is Being Celebrated by Compass India Holidays Pvt Ltd

LogoIndia is a vast country with 29 states and has been divided into different zones such as north, south, east and west. North India is that part of the country which is distinguished by its lush greenery of grasslands, snow peaked mountains, impressive forts, pacifying hill stations, religious shrines, and exotic flora and fauna. Compass India Holidays Pvt Ltd is celebrating the grandeur of North India with the famous North India tour.

Compass India Holidays Offers Experiential Holidays in God's Own Country, Kerala

LogoA state enthroned with alluring beauty of backwaters, calm and composed sandy white beaches with palm trees swaying to and fro, lush greenery overgrown on the hills with mesmerizing elephant rides with a flavor of its own heritage and culture is what made Kerala to be enlisted in top ten list of Paradise found and earned it a title of God’s Own country. The state offers so much that it is one of the famous tourist destinations and is suited to all needs of tourist interest.

Compass India Holidays Gives an Opportunity to Explore Tigers, Taj's and Temples Through Photographic Lens

LogoDesigning a perfect itinerary in India is a Herculean task due to the boundless diversity present in the country. This problem is being solved by Compass India Holidays Pvt Ltd as they provide a vast opportunity for travellers as well as for the photographers to explore Tigers, Taj's and Temples through their camera lens.

Compass India Holiday Pvt. LTD Offers Best Travel Packages Across to Explore Indian Subcontinent

LogoCompass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd has been awarded as the best tours and Travel Company in the country for various and unique inbound travel packages. Compass India has changed the face of Travel management across the country and has hosted a wide range of customers with various travel needs who are fully satisfied with their services.

Explore Rajasthan During the Festival of Colors with Compass India Holidays

LogoCompass India Holidays brings a bonanza for its travellers during the eve of color festival. The company has introduced a new package known as Holi festival with Rajasthan. India is a country which is known for its cultural heritance. The best way to experience this is through fairs and festivals where you get to explore the rich traditions of India.

Compass India Holidays Rejoice Its Customers by Providing an Excellent Opportunity to Witness the Colorful Camel Fair

LogoCompass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd welcomes their enthusiastic travellers on board to explore India luxuriously. Compass India Holidays with its luxurious tours to India is trying to change the perceived notion of India being poor. India has also developed itself as one of the luxurious countries as it boasts various luxurious travel destinations across the globe.

For Travel Packages in India, Compass India Holidays Maintains: "It's the Magic That Matters"

LogoAfter almost 15 years as a luxury tour operator, Compass India Holidays has become something of a shining star for many western visitors to the subcontinent. The company’s success, claims owner and founder Durjay Sengupta, rests on a talent for creating a travel experience that is the perfect combination of luxury, antiquity, history and—magic!