Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Reintroduces the Pan India Toy Train Tour

LogoThe British colonial legacy of India left behind one important foundation which is still maintained and appreciated to this very day - a breathtaking railway system, known as Mountain Railways of India.

A Saga of Elegance, Romance and Splendor with Compass India Holidays

LogoThe privacy of an ultra-luxurious, comfortable suite, opulent settings, fabulous cuisine, and spectacular scenery coupled with the gracious Indian hospitality- a perfect experiential vacation aboard a luxury train in India. Many discerning travellers are now increasingly opting for these luxury trains to witness the rich cultural heritage and experience the extravagant lifestyle once enjoyed by the erstwhile regality of India. An elegant and leisurely ride that evokes a sense of royalty, these moving palatial palaces on wheels offers the clients an opportunity to travel in style with unparalleled luxury.

A Thrilling Adventure in the Wild with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoA haven for wild life enthusiasts, India attracts globetrotters from across the world to spend their holidays in exotic wild locales and dense forests which were immortalized by Rudyard Kipling.

Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd. Redefines "Luxury Travel"

LogoThe word luxury is defined as "indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable and sumptuous living".

Traverse to South India with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd

LogoCompared to the fast, and frenetic North of India, southern India operates on a different pace-slow, gentle and relaxed. The South of India comprises of five states –Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala as well as the union territories of Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, share to some extent an ancient heritage but each of them has its distinct cultural, artistic and political tradition. Rich in history, brimming with temples, stunning beaches, and the south is blessed with pristine natural beauty with its verdant landscape of palm trees, emerald green paddy fields, coconut groves and fragrant spice plantations.

Click, Capture and Create Memories: India Photo Expedition with Compass India Holidays

LogoIndia is a land of 32 amazing World Heritage sites, 18 Biosphere reserves and about 25 Ramsar sites. With its vast topography, scenic routes and gorgeous landscapes, India is a haven for photographers.

Mesmerizing and Royal Rajasthan Unfolds with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd

LogoThe vast Indian subcontinent constituting of the world's largest democracy with an exploding economy, a spectacular topography with an intriguing complex, diverse and rich tapestry of cultures, traditions and rituals makes it one of the most enticing and coveted destinations to visit.

Discover True Wellness with Tailor-Made Yoga Tours in India with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoIndia is a land of exoticism and mystery, a mystery that reveals itself slowly to the curious seeker. A land of great contrasts, of opulence, extravagance and untold riches and utmost poverty, of highest attainable mental peace and simple basic coarse living. A land full of surprises, disparities and paradoxes and yet the beauty, inherent resilience and warmth of its people will leave an unforgettable impression.

Eclectic India in 33 Days: PAN India Tour with Compass India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

LogoIndia is an eclectic mélange of diverse cultures, traditions, cuisines, languages and dialects with an equally varied topography, from the majestic Himalayas to the stunning beaches and the golden-hued spectacular sand dunes. India lures you with her ancient heritage, exotic mysticism and warm hospitality.

A Tale of Three Cities: The Golden Triangle Tour with Compass India Holidays

LogoIndia is possibly the most diverse nation in the world, a refined blend of remarkable cultures, ancient history, rich traditions and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. A captivating land of incredible contrasts and paradoxes, a fusion of modernity and tradition, a journey though India is an enriching, inspiring and a transformational experience.