Grupo Canela

Grupo Canela was founded in 1955 by Garumuni Peter De Silva in Sri Lanka. His journey began as he sold cinnamon from a wooden cart, and eventually expanding it into an entire business. His vision was to introduce Ceylon cinnamon to the world, believing in its advanced properties. Years later, seeing their business grow in popularity, De Silva expanded its sales to include herbs and spices. Over more than 5 decades later, Grupo Canela has expanded its business exponentially and made its way into the United States, making them one of the biggest wholesale herb suppliers and retail sellers. Through their hard work and dedication, they have made their way into popular U.S. food stores such as El Super, Northgate, Superior, 99 cent stores, and Vallarta Supermarkets. Grupo Canela has now become one of the biggest distributors in the U.S. Through their perseverance, they have managed to distribute over 20 million pounds of herbs and spices a year. Families have become one of their biggest retail consumers and loyal customers. Our impact in the United States is incomparable due to our household name and quality products.