Grupo Canela

Organic Herbs Wholesale Company, Grupo Canela, Is the Top Supplier in the US

LogoOrganic herbs wholesale company, Grupo Canela, was founded in 1955 and has been serving the greater Los Angeles community for many years. What started out as a small cinnamon business turned into a place where people can find rare herbs and spices that they may not be able to find at another similar place. Grupo Canela is the place to go when looking for organic herbs wholesale and they will help you find whatever you need. Grupo Canela can be found at 8531 Loch Lomond Dr, Pico Rivera, CA 90660. Find them on the web at

Wholesale Importers in the USA Will Bring the Best Herbs and Spices

LogoGrupo Canela is one of the most respected wholesale importers in the USA that establishes international spice trade. They have access to the most exotic and organic spices around the world, connecting to the Americas and farther. They have a diverse selection of spices in bulk that can be used for events, gourmet kitchens and the comfy household that utilizes fresh ingredients when cooking or treating illnesses. Fresh herbs such as Hibiscus, spices like ceylon cinnamon, and chiles can be put in teas and topicals to help illness and congestion. These remedies work best when the imported spices and herbs are fresh.

Wholesale Hibiscus Is the Perfect Spice to Get a Business Right

LogoGrupo Canela has been the industry's leading distributor in the spice-selling business. They have a variety of options in their bulk wholesale herbs and wholesale hibiscus for retailers to choose from. They have found that it is in both parties interest to operate in bulk wholesale herbs. By doing so this allows for them to provide a multitude of different spices while being bundled at an affordable price to its clients. Wholesale hibiscus is just one of many options Grupo Canela have to offer, other quality products they provide are chiles, bulk grains and ceylon cinnamon.

Wholesale Hibiscus By Grupo Canela Is Cost-Friendly For Retailers

LogoWholesale hibiscus provided by Grupo Canela has been one of the best and most cost-friendly investments for retailers. Retailers who purchase bulk herbs wholesale can sell them in their stores. Many consumers look for retailers from where they can buy wholesale hibiscus as hibiscus itself is very beneficial for one's health. Grupo Canela are distributors of bulk herbs wholesale and their corporate office is at 8531 Loch Lomond Drive, Pico Rivera, California 90660 and through their webpage (562. 407. 2643)

Wholesale Hibiscus Seller, Grupo Canela, Has Been Providing High-Quality Products Since 1955

LogoGrupo Canela is a top-rated wholesale hibiscus seller and has been for years. They are the community's choice provider for wholesale hibiscus. Grupo Canela not only sells locally, but internationally as well. They initiated their company through selling cinnamon and have since expanded to other products. They provide herbs, cinnamon, and spices. With over 200 different items to choose from, customers will surely find what they are looking for.

Whole Spices Importers, Grupo Canela, Creates a User-Friendly Website for Customers

LogoWhole Spices Importers, Grupo Canela, is one of the biggest distributors in the United States and have updated their website to be more user-friendly. They distribute over 20 million pounds of spices and herbs a year. With over 200 different items, they export and import hundreds of containers a year around the globe. The biggest retail consumer and loyal customers are families. Whole Spices Importers, Grupo Canela, has become a household name with their quality products and guarantees 100% satisfaction.