Hevia Law Firm

Founding Partner/Trial Lawyer Anthony Hevia founded Hevia Law Firm after deciding to focus his practice and bring his extensive trial experience to bear on personal injury cases. Anthony started his career at the State Attorney’s Office and then practiced insurance defense before becoming a partner in the firm of Vargas Gonzalez Hevia Baldwin, LLP. After seven years, Anthony left the practice and started what is now Hevia Law Firm. In the process of building Hevia Law Firm in Miami, he has built a firm around the concept of having the best trial lawyers represent the firm’s clients. The firm utilizes a “team” concept drawing on the strengths and background of its trial lawyers and staff to make sure that all clients are aggressively represented no matter what stage of litigation or negotiation is taking place. In addition to Anthony’s experience, Partner/Trial Lawyer Dale Paleschic brings a vast amount of experience to the team from his base in Tallahassee. Dale, a past President of Florida Defense Lawyers Association and a 30-year insurance defense lawyer who has worked for some of the largest insuring concerns in the world, recently joined Hevia Law Firm as a Partner/Trial Lawyer because he shared Anthony’s vision – an uncompromising desire to fight for clients with trust, professionalism, integrity, empathy, and humility. Dale now brings his years of experience throughout the entire state of Florida to the Hevia Law Firm Team.