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Obtain Trial Experience with Co-Counseling in South Florida

LogoHevia Law Firm's trial Lawyers have tried over 70 cases, including more than 50 jury trials to verdict. Their jury trial experience includes criminal cases, commercial litigation, allegations of civil fraud, contract disputes, first party insurance litigation, malpractice cases and personal injury cases. Hevia Law's experienced team of South Florida personal injury trial lawyers can provide legal guidance to you and your clients throughout the litigation process, from pretrial pleadings to settlement, from a wide base of knowledge.

Work Zone Death: Wrongful Death Lawyer in South Florida Can Help Seek Justice

LogoWork zones, especially those situated on busy roads and interstates, can be exceedingly hazardous. When construction workers are not adequately protected, the only protections they have are traffic cones, barricades, and signage which are hardly a match against a vehicle at speed. When accidents do occur, the results are frequently tragic. In the event of a work zone accident that results in a wrongful death, multiple parties may be held accountable for their negligence.

Hevia Law Firm Provides Co-Counsel in Complex Personal Injury Matters

LogoA co-counsel partnership is a two-way street in which the participating firms share their knowledge, experience, and resources in order to assist their clients. Attorneys can collaborate to provide superior representation for their clients in a co-counsel arrangement by leveraging each other's talents to obtain superior results for the clients. The partnership enables the business to represent customers efficiently and effectively while leveraging resources that they could not obtain on their own.

Can One Sue Uber or Lyft for Injuries in Florida

LogoCar accidents continue to be the most common cause of personal injury lawsuits in Florida. It is estimated that there are approximately 200,000 car accidents in Florida each year, amounting to more than 500 per day. Unfortunately, Uber's and Lyfts are included in this statistic.

Popular Weed Killer Causing Harm to Farmers - Could Cost Billions of Dollars in Claims

LogoFor decades, weed killers have been causing harm to American farmers. It is not uncommon that a new one makes headlines every few years as it is revealed to be dangerous with excessive use. Now Paraquat, a toxic herbicide made by Syngenta AG, sold by Chevron Crop in the United States, is the one making headlines.

Why Personal Injury Lawsuits Are Taking More Time in 2021

LogoInjured people who were hurt due to negligent behavior may file claims against the party at fault to receive compensation for their injuries. This compensation can be used towards medical bills, replacement of damaged properties, lost wages, etc. The injured party will receive compensation from the insurance company of whoever was at fault. However, personal injury can get complicated, and in some cases, insurance companies reject the claims of those injured, resulting in a lawsuit. Personal injury trials are not anything new, but in 2021, it can seem like they are taking forever to pursue.

The Most Common Personal Injury Cases

LogoPersonal injury law can range from minor injuries to serious ones that can render people immobile for the rest of their lives.