About Hound.com: What is Hound? Hound shows its members jobs from every employer website it can find in the United States and throughout the world. It is the most powerful job-search engine in existence and powers several job boards. Recruiters use Hound to track down potential jobs for their clients. Why use Hound? Most jobs are posted on employer websites and not commercial job boards. Jobs on employer websites typically are not advertised—this means jobs on employer websites typically receive hardly any applications because people do not know about them. Hound allows its members to be the first and only applicants to these jobs on employer websites. Hound does not allow any advertisers, and our search results are influenced only by what employers tell us are available. We do not list recruiter jobs at all. We only list jobs direct from employer websites. Hound is pure job search. No Advertising There are no banner ads or pop-up advertising on Hound.