Over 300 from Uni-Solar to Lose Their Jobs but Hound.com Makes Getting Back in the Game Easier

Things haven't been going well for the company in the past few months. The parent company filed for bankruptcy in February and many of its workers were put on furlough.

After Niche Inc. Laid off 400 People, Finding Work Through Hound.com Is Easy

Bad news came out of Niche Inc., after the company revealed they had to lay off 400 people. The lay offs occurred because the manufacturer lost a major contract that rendered the need for these employees moot.

Increase in Payrolls a Positive Sign for Job Growth

Payrolls have increased in March over previous months, according to a report put out by the ADP Employer Services. This means companies have been hiring more people, which is a steady sign of economic growth.

Resume, Interview Weaknesses Could Cost One Jobs

In today's rocky economic climate, it's important to have a stellar resume and interview skills. However, if someone has a few blemishes on their resume, there may be a way around them. Just so long as one learns to maximize their strengths and downplay their weaknesses, there's hope yet for finding employment.

Tap Directly Into Open Positions on Employer's Sites With Hound.com

Over the past year, positions in the construction industry have risen, giving construction workers something to be happy about during these uncertain economic times. In fact, twenty-eight different states saw gains in the construction industry, showing a definite improvement over 2011 numbers and showing the first increase since before the recession began in 2007.

Reduced Unemployment Only Possible With Economic Growth

Even though job numbers have been on the rise in recent months, people are still hurting and unemployment is still a real problem. In fact, Ben Bernake, the Federal Reserve Chairman, recently noted that the unemployment rate wouldn't continue to drop unless new jobs were created and more companies hired employees. While many companies are afraid of taking the risk, others just can't find quality prospects.

Unemployment Rate Declining, Hound Finds Nearly 1 Million Jobs Across the Nation

In November, the unemployment rate of U.S. dropped to 8.6 percent. According to the Labor of Bureau Statistics, it is at its lowest since March 2009, when it was 9 percent.

Hound Finds Nearly 22,000 Jobs in Illinois After Unemployment Rate Steady at 10.1 Percent

Jefferson County's unemployment rate rose to 9 percent in October. This is high from September's rate at 8.8 percent and down from 9.1 percent in August.

GM's Silver Lining for Spring Hill Workers, Hound Finds over 13,000 Jobs in Tennessee

Tennessee workers would have high hopes again because of the move General Motors has taken. GM's Spring Hill plant plans to employ 700 workers by next year.

Unemployment Rate Decreases in North Carolina, Hound Finds Nearly 22,500 Job Openings

Yadkin County was one of those 92 counties with decreased unemployment rate at 8.8 percent in September.g