jiveEMAIL is an affordable and easy-to-use video email service that will help you build better business and personal relationships. By sending video emails you will: 1) convert more warm leads to clients; 2) build trust with your prospects and customers; and 3) shorten your sales cycle dramatically! We will also teach you to apply our system in a way that will have you working less, making more while providing better customers service. BENEFITS of jiveEMAIL By using jiveEMAIL you will also be able to: - Reduce repetitive conversations by recording evergreen videos - Eliminate confusion when conveying complex ideas - Brighten up the days of a sick relative by sending them a video emails - Make great and lasting first impressions - You can improve your stick campaigns by using video email too Don't forget Grandchildren, loved ones, and old school friends. After all life isn't just about making money. You can bring a smile to almost anyone's face by sending them a video email.