The Seven Traits of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

LogoAll entrepreneurs have an affinity. Their life source comes from the same place. The age of the entrepreneur has a new beginning. We are reminded, once more, that we hold the wand. People from every corner of the globe are realizing why entrepreneurs are here.

jiveSYSTEMS New Video Email Technology Proves Effective

LogoSmall business owners stand to gain the most from this revolutionary technology. Social media now plays a predominate role in marketing and seamless customer service is the battleground. Video email is the ultimate tool for bridging the gap - delivering face to face messages instantly. jiveSYSTEMS have won the battle. Video emails can now be easily embedded in canned responses and automated follow-up sequences sent with every major email marketing solution.

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool In the World Is Right At Your Finger Tips!

LogojiveEMAIL is an affordable and easy-to-use video email service which will help you build better business and personal relationships. We will also teach you how to apply our service to maximize profits while providing better customer service in a way that will save you time and make you more money.