NorthEast Chiropractic Center

Modern, advanced and technologically superior treatment is the focus at NorthEast Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne, IN. Dr. Adam Osenga seeks chiropractic solutions that target each patient’s unique circumstances - from back pain, neck pain and headaches to stress and muscular pain. Dr. Osenga is experienced in treating accident and injury pain sufferers, those with chronic back pain and complex spinal conditions. As a modern chiropractor, Dr. Osenga also realizes the connection between chiropractic medicine and the patient’s overall health. During an initial consultation, an explanation of chiropractic care, science and evaluation are provided to enable the most appropriate and desirable outcome for each patient, and to see if chiropractic care is necessary at all. This allows the development of a specialized plan of chiropractic care and wellness specific to each condition. To learn more, please visit or call 260-245-0460 and receive personalized answers to your specific questions.