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Dr. Adam Osenga of NorthEast Chiropractic Center Webster Technique Certified to Provide Pregnant Mothers with Chiropractic Care Before Delivery

LogoFort Wayne, IN Chiropractor, Dr. Adam Osenga is offering chiropractic services to pregnant mothers using the Webster Technique, in which he is certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) to provide. Dr. Osenga maintains continued membership with the ICPA and has been trained to provide this service to pregnant mothers.

Chiropractor in Fort Wayne, IN Introduces Whole Food Supplements for Improved Overall Wellness

LogoDr. Adam Osenga and his staff at NorthEast Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne, IN are informing the community of Fort Wayne, IN about two lines of supplements available at their office that are helping local patients achieve a higher level of overall health in a completely natural way. With the whole food supplements offered by NorthEast Chiropractic, patients are able to bridge the gap between where their nutrition currently is and where it needs to be.

Fort Wayne Chiropractor Builds on Connection Between Diet, Exercise and Chiropractic for Total Wellness

LogoFort Wayne, Indiana chiropractor Dr. Adam Osenga of NorthEast Chiropractic Center has developed a full-scale treatment approach for his patients in the interest of helping them achieve improvements in wellness that extend beyond in-office adjustments and medication. Patients that couple their successful chiropractic treatments with a new approach to personal wellness find that their bodies are more receptive to therapy, heal more quickly, and stay healthy longer. Incorporating healthy dietary changes, maintaining regular, vigorous exercise programs and scheduling regular chiropractic appointments helps build a new optimal state of wellness from the ground up. Often, all it takes is a little guidance and education to get started, which is where Dr. Osenga comes in.

Fort Wayne Chiropractor Offers Patients Incentives to Donate During Holidays

LogoFort Wayne chiropractor Dr. Adam Osenga of NorthEast Chiropractic Center is encouraging patients to donate food this holiday season, entering patients into a drawing for a free one-hour massage when they bring 3 or more non-perishable food items to the office. Donations are being collected throughout December and will be delivered to the Franciscan Center, a Fort Wayne charity which helps provide food and other necessary items to the underprivileged members of the community. Founded in 1989, the Franciscan Center began as a homeless shelter and sack lunch program. Over the years, the Franciscan Center has grown to provide charitable assistance to communities in many ways.

Fort Wayne Chiropractor Lays Foundations for Patients' Total Health

LogoFort Wayne, Indiana chiropractor Dr. Adam Osenga of NorthEast Chiropractic Center treats his patients with more than just chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Osenga is focused on the whole person, providing a course of care that includes improvements in overall health with the goal of creating a foundation of wellness that can be maintained over the course of a person’s life. The team at NorthEast Chiropractic Center doesn't want to just treat injuries, pain symptoms and subluxations, they strive to prevent the causes of pain and maladjustment by educating and treating each patient with a long-term plan towards getting better and staying healthy. They call this approach to overall, long-term wellness “Laying the foundation for total health.”

Fort Wayne Chiropractor Incorporates Foundational Nutrition Into Practice

LogoDr. Adam Osenga of the NorthEast Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana is renowned for practicing the most contemporary methods of wellness that reach beyond the basic chiropractic adjustments for his patients. Part of this modern approach involves the application of Foundational Nutrition, whose tenets revolve around the body’s need for a strong foundation of balanced nutrients that must be in place before one can achieve a complete transition to health when detoxing, recovering from injury or disease, or endeavoring to improve one’s overall wellness. Dr. Osenga’s Foundational Nutrition approach is based on Science Based Nutrition, a new method of analyzing and improving a person’s basic nutritional profile and developing a plan of improvement for that person. The team at NorthEast Chiropractic begins with a thorough blood and hair analysis aimed at revealing deficiencies in the body’s nutrient levels.

Fort Wayne Chiropractic Center Creates a Simple, Effective New Patient Experience

LogoDr. Adam Osenga and the expert staff at North East Chiropractic Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana have created a new patient introduction and consultation process that is simple, concise, informative and helpful. This process allows new patients to feel comfortable with chiropractic care, get a full consultation and explanation of the processes and treatments available, and tell their health story, focusing on what needs the most attention first. Upon scheduling the initial appointment and entering the office for the first time, a North East Chiropractic Center receptionist welcomes each new patient as part of the family. New patients will complete a selection of patient forms they will find in the New Patient Center. This paperwork serves as a foundation for the new relationship and provides a full health history and information on lifestyle and conditions that may require treatment.

Fort Wayne Chiropractic Center Offers Whole Food Supplements

LogoDr. Adam Osenga of North East Chiropractic Center is renowned for expanding his practice to include a wider range of wellness approaches focused on improving the overall health and wellbeing of his patients. Chiropractic care is often thought of as a simple application of spinal adjustments, when the truth is that full-spectrum chiropractic can and should include tactics for improving the full-body wellness of each person. The human body requires more than just the occasional adjustment to maintain its full health potential, which is why Dr. Osenga and his talented staff provide a wide range of wellness treatments including nutritional counseling and whole food supplements. A proper, healthy diet can improve the body’s ability to recover from injuries and increase flexibility, mobility and strength in joints, muscles, tendons and nerves. Improving the overall health of the body leads to better chiropractic results and allows the body to heal faster and avoid more severe pain symptoms.

NorthEast Chiropractic Center Provides Treatment for Accident Victims

LogoThe team at NorthEast Chiropractic Center, led by Dr. Adam Osenga, is trained and prepared to treat patients suffering chronic or acute pain symptoms following an automobile accident.