Penhall Technologies

At Penhall Technologies, a division of Penhall Company, we specialize in using ground penetrating radar to scan concrete. We employ expertly trained analysts that use state-of-the-art GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) equipment to find common embedded objects and other subsurface hazards that are hidden in the concrete. We can help you locate rebar, pipes, post and pre stress tension cables, conduits and many other subsurface hazards. Often, the data we collect is used to analyze and measure the appropriate remedial solutions for concrete structural deficiencies and building remodels. Our skilled GPR analysts can also detect voids within or underneath concrete slabs. Penhall is a safety leader in the industry. For many years contractors, engineers, and government agencies have come to trust Penhall first for safe and precise scanning services. In addition to concrete scanning services we offer private utility locating and x-ray imaging. WHEN YOU SCAN FIRST YOU: •Reduce your safety risk. Keep everyone on the job safe. •Reduce your financial exposure. Cutting a post tension cable can cost you thousands. •Save time. Know exactly where to cut or drill to avoid a hazard and delays.