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Penhall Technologies Clears the Path for Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrades

LogoIn early 2015, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) launched a Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program. This program seeks to replace mobile home park (MHP)-owned distribution systems with new SDG&E-owned gas and electrical lines to provide individual meters for every mobile home. Currently, most MHPs have access to electricity and gas from one source and one meter and many are still using aged and potentially hazardous utility lines. The upgrade program will improve the safety of the utility lines and will provide accurate consumption per resident. SDG&E states that "About 305 mobile home parks and manufactured housing communities with a total of 33,073 residence spaces are eligible for new energy systems to replace old master-metered and sub-metered systems." MHPs across California may be eligible for upgrade assistance.

Casinos Hit the Jackpot when Using Penhall's GPR Services

LogoIn 2014 Pechanga California's largest Indian casino, announced its plan to implement a $285 million expansion to satisfy guest's desire for more recreational options other than gambling. This expansion includes a new hotel wing, a spa and salon, a fitness center, two restaurants and additional indoor and outdoor event space. Nightlife destinations such as Pechanga use a lot of power. Where there is power there is conduit! In order for these night life destinations, including Pechanga to continue to operate during renovations, it becomes vitally important to understand where subsurface hazards like conduit, rebar, and post tension cable exist before tackling any project that involves cutting or coring through concrete.

Penhall Technologies Celebrates Its' Military Veterans

LogoWhat do the US Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps all have in common? In addition to being branches of the United States Military, they all have veterans who are now employed by Penhall Technologies. Over 20% of the Penhall Technologies workforce has served in one branch of the United States Military. Our veterans' military years of service make them outstanding members of the Penhall Technologies team because of their dedication, discipline, and technical and analytical skills.

Penhall Technologies Adds Private Utility Locating to Its Service Line Nationwide, Helping Customers Avoid Possible Monetary Costs and Loss of Life

LogoPenhall Technologies adds Private Utility Locating to its service line nationwide, helping customers avoid possible monetary costs and loss of life. Since 1957, Penhall Company has been the most trusted company in concrete cutting, coring, and demolition work. In 2001, the concrete experts introduced concrete scanning using ground penetrating radar (GPR) as a service throughout its branches. In January 2016, Penhall Technologies, a division of Penhall Company, was launched dedicated to expanding GPR services to increase value to all Penhall customers.

Penhall Technologies GPR Technology Gets Put to Use at 156 Year Old Auburn Cemetery

LogoIn one of the wettest states in the US, Penhall Technologies ( Ground Penetrating Radar Analyst, Mariah Ottersen anxiously checked the 7-day forecast looking for a 3-day window of clear skies in Auburn, Washington for a new project. Penhall Technologies typically specializes in concrete scanning and utility locating using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate rebar, post tension cables, conduit, and utility lines in both concrete and soils. Recently, the team got to put their GPR equipment and analyst expertise to the test on a new project - cemetery mapping and exploration services.