AVID Renovations & Design

AVID Renovations & Design Helps Homeowners Improve Their Homes with Unique Concrete Designs

AVID Renovations & Design is the exclusive provider of one-of-a-kind concrete pieces in South Florida. Their experienced staff understands their customers' visions and simply designs them. As artists who put a twist on their work, they specialize in locally sourced and handcrafted concrete that is offered at an affordable price for homeowners.

Customers at AVID Renovations & Design Choose Concrete over Marble and Granite

Normally, when people hear the word "concrete," they picture things like sidewalks, parking garages, office buildings, bridges and highways. However, after using concrete to build the infrastructures of our cities for over a century, it's now becoming a highly sought-after alternative to luxury resources like marble and granite. The powerful strength and durability of concrete has gone from a material that had once been used almost exclusively for industrial projects to an essential component in the construction of residential structures.

AVID Renovations & Design: South Florida's Exclusive Provider of Handcrafted Concrete Pieces

In a class of own, AVID Renovations & Design is the exclusive provider of handcrafted concrete pieces throughout South Florida. By combining the unique, durable and sustainable features of concrete with a superior level craftsmanship, customers can trust the experienced team at AVID to bring their visions to life. With a mission to be the preferred one-stop shop for all of South Florida's renovation and design needs, the professionals are prepared to tackle any job imaginable, no matter the size.