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Petrochemicals Market Is Expected to Significantly Increase the Revenue Contribution over the Forecast Period 2026

LogoPetrochemicals Market report categorizes global market by product type, manufacturing process, and geography - Industry trends, Outlook, Challenges and Key Market Players

Photodiode Sensors Market Outlook by Product Overview, Application and Regions 2026

LogoThe global photodiode sensor market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period of 2019–2027. Factors contributing to growth of the market include increasing use of smartphones and adoption of photodiode sensors in consumer electronics. Moreover, growing use of wearable technology is also expected to propel the photodiode sensors market growth. Photodiodes also find application in optical heart rate detection in wearable devices such as fitness trackers and smart watches. Therefore, increasing use of wearable technologies in remote health monitoring and other industrial applications is expected to contribute to the market growth. Rapid growth in the healthcare sector and increasing use of smart watches and wearable monitors is propelling growth of the market.

Advanced Farming Market: Analysis of Effective Business Strategies 2018 to 2026

LogoGlobal Advanced farming market facilitates agriculture-based activities by using connected and advanced technologies for the analysis, identification, monitoring, and controlling the field activities. This is done to optimize the crop yield and also to ensure profitability. It also offers optimum utilization of various resources such as water, light, space, energy, and different costs associated with maintenance. Growing significance of these factors is expected to boost the overall demand.

Pneumococcal Vaccines Market to Surpass US $13,194.3 Million by 2026: CMI

LogoPneumococcal vaccine aids in prevention of infection caused by streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine and pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine are the two types of pneumococcal vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends pneumococcal conjugate vaccination for all children younger than 2 years old, all adults 65 years or above, and for people 2-64 years old with certain medical conditions. The CDC recommends pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination for all adults 65 years or above, people 2-64 years old with certain medical conditions, and adults 19-64 years that are addicted to smoking.

Plant-Based Vaccines Market Growth, Challenges, Analysis and Forecast 2018-2026

LogoPlants are one of the most crucial sources to produce cost-efficient vaccine derivatives. Such vaccines reduce economic burden of infectious diseases in emerging economies and as they are produced on large-scale and cost less. A number of clinical trials are focused developing plant-based vaccines in therapeutic indications such as flu, influenza, Ebola virus, and dengue. These vaccines can be intravenous or can be administered orally. However, oral administration is preferred as it reduces the need of syringes and vaccines, which also requires well-trained immunization staff and reduces risk of Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).

Preservatives Market: Industry Growing Exponentially to Retain the Demand of Vendor in the Next 6 Years

LogoSubstances or chemicals that are added to drugs, food products , beverages, paints, cosmetics, and wood, in order to prevent microbial growth and undesirable changes in terms of both, physical and chemical properties are called preservatives. There are two types of preservatives: natural and synthetic. Natural preservatives include antioxidants, vitamin E, rosemary extracts, and seed extracts. These preservatives are readily available in nature and are often obtained from plant sources. Synthetic preservatives include benzoic acid, sodium nitrite, sulfur dioxide, and potassium sorbate. These preservatives are chemical components that are processed and added to the end product. Growing health concerns among the populace has led to high demand for natural preservatives. Growing food industry in emerging economies of India and China is expected to boost growth of the global preservatives market.

Chemotherapy Devices Market Explore Future Growth, Size, Share, Trend and Forecast 2018-2026

LogoChemotherapy Devices Market, by Product (Catheter, Cannula, Pump, and Others), by End User (Hospitals, Clinics, and Home Care), and by Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) - Industry Insights, Size, Trends, and Forecast to 2026

Wound Dressings Market Detailed Study of Business Growth, Development Factors

LogoThe Global Wound Dressings Market was valued at US$ 8,269.5 million in 2015 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.0% during the forecast period (2016–2024), as highlighted in a new report published by Coherent Market Insights. Increasing incidence of injures, burns and wound ulcers to support the growth of the global wound dressings market over the forecast period.

Lung Cancer Therapeutics Market Top Companies in Market, Trends & Growth

LogoLung cancer is a malignant lung tumor, which is characterized by uncontrolled division and growth of cells in the lungs. The ability of lungs to provide oxygen into the bloodstream decreases with increasing size of tumor. The lung carcinoma is classified as, non-small cell and small cell lung cancer and originates from the epithelial cells. Lung cancer has the highest mortality rate globally, where exposure to asbestos, cigarette and pipe smoking is attributed the foremost reason. Major symptoms of lung cancer includes, body mucus, chest pain, weight loss, and coughing. Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, vaccines, and radiation therapy are the common lung cancer treatments.

Medical Robots Market Opportunities in Upcoming Years 2019

LogoMedical robots are automated machines manufactured for specialized medical applications. These robots can perform various medical tasks such as surgery, medical test, and patient monitoring. A surgery by medical robots requires a pre-surgical planning by a surgeon. The use of medical robots in surgery has several advantages such as high accuracy in open surgery and minimally invasive surgery, reduction in time required for surgery, and ability to transport patients from one location to another in a hospital.