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Tips to Spruce Up Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

LogoThe holidays provide a singular environment of goodwill for reaching out to clients and prospects, but they also present a uniquely crowded marketing environment. Here are a few tips on getting the most from your holiday marketing campaign.

Commission Express of Colorado Welcomes Dennis & Alysia McFeely

LogoThe Commission Express family is delighted to announce an exciting development for our Colorado franchise: new franchise Owners Dennis and Alysia McFeely, who will be bringing over a decade of combined experience to funding cash flow solutions for Realtors® in the Centennial state.

The Look: Leveraging the Power of Consistent Visual Branding

LogoIt never hurts to go back to basics to make sure you're getting the most from your marketing materials. This is particularly true for branding, one of those subjects that almost every agent has heard about so extensively that you might think you have your brand game sewn up . . . even when you don't. One of the most common branding mistakes businesses continue to make to this day is a lack of visual consistency in their marketing.

Commission Express Offers Cash Flow Management Tools to Realtors and Real Estate Agents Across the Nation

LogoCommission Express, the #1 Commission Advance Company, works with all the top real estate brands to provide cash flow management tools to realtors and real estate agents across the nation. Realtors can leverage their advance commission system, and stop worrying about their cash flow while focusing on selling more homes. The commission advance system provided by the company helps you implement and sustain your business plan by converting your commission receivables to working capital, usually within two days.

Commission Express Welcomes a New Team Member in Pennsylvania

LogoCommission Express has been helping real estate professionals achieve reliable cash flow for decades, providing commission advances at some of the most competitive rates in the market along with superb customer service. Having this cash flow has helped these professionals keep their teams running at crucial times and enabled them to pursue additional projects, all with the support of colleagues through Commission Express, which has an inside-out understanding of their needs and the marketplace.

Riding the Marketing Trends of 2019 to Success

LogoAs we enter what promises to be a complicated and challenging year for markets, having an up-to-date game plan for success is more important than ever before. The key is to set achievable goals, break them down into manageable steps and execute them — all without burning yourself out in the process. If that sounds easier said than done, the good news is that many of the major marketing trends in the coming year will ultimately save you time, energy and money.

Commission Express Welcomes a New Team Member in Arizona

LogoThe Commission Express team is delighted to announce a new member: Lenny Behie, real estate agent and all-round self-starting dynamo from Phoenix, Arizona.

3 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Give Back

LogoOne hallmark of a successful real estate agent is genuinely caring about and getting involved in their local community. Giving back and helping to support worthy causes is a great way to showcase the values that underlie your business and, most of all, to simply feel good about what you do.