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Chords of Truth Looks to Raise Necessary Funding via Kickstarter for Their New Music Video W/ the Chameleon & Man-U-ILL

LogoJason Garriotte aka Chords of Truth released his debut album in the year 2012. It consists of 7 acoustic folk songs that pretty much came out of nowhere, and is not something Jason ever really thought he would be able to do.

NYC Based Techno-Progressivist, Creative Thinker, Inventor, and Designer Matthew Waldman Launches Kickstarter Campaign for POTHRA - Used Coffee Ground Decorative Pots

LogoLike most design professionals, Matthew Waldman and his team are obsessed with good coffee. Like many designers, they view every process in life as an opportunity to re-invent. There are few options for dealing with organic garbage in a big city like New York. Pulling all these streams together, they spent several weekends experimenting with materials and processes to find a use for the copious used coffee grounds that are otherwise discarded.