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Dali Maintains Thermal Camera Supply for Epidemic Control

LogoIn the Spring Festival of China in 2020, people should have celebrated this traditional festival with joy. However, the national celebration of the festival was destroyed by 2019-nCoV. The whole country is in a state of high tension and vigilance instead of the usual festive atmosphere.

DALI an Infrared Camera Manufacturer Offers Products with Its Latest Technology

LogoAs one of the world's leading designer and manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras. DALI technology has long brought the benefits of thermal imaging to as many users as possible. Continually creating new, comprehensive, and affordable products on the market. How does an infrared camera work? An infrared camera is a non-contact device. That detects infrared (heat) energy and converts it into an electronic signal. which is then processed to produce a thermal image on a video monitor and perform temperature calculations. The heat captured by an infrared camera can be quantified or measured, very precisely, allowing you not only to control thermal performance but also to identify and evaluate the relative gravity of heat-related problems. For many artisans, plumbers, heating engineers, electricians... the use of a thermal camera is essential. It can detect a lack of water or a leak on radiators, boilers, under heated floors, identify overheated outlets and fuses, locate thermal bridges in the walls, avoid drilling pipes or cables ... Because of their accessibility, infrared cameras are being increasingly reflected in the industrial and scientific communities since 1970. The largest part of these cameras uses an infrared focal plane array (IRFPA), which consists of a multitude of photodetectors placed at the focal plane of the imaging systems. The infrared focal plane array detector technology has tremendously progressed in recent years, which has made it possible to develop this technology with a smaller pitch (better spatial resolution). Thermal imaging cameras detect and display images according to slight differences in bodies temperature (heat), and not according to brightness, as many people tend to think. No matter how much light is available, from the dark night with moonlight to the dazzling light of the zenith, DALI infrared camera detectors, capture thermal energy emitted or reflected by everything. Dali's cameras convert the temperature variations into sharp infrared video images, allowing you to see all kind of details in those images. DALI Technology infrared cameras incorporate infrared focal plane array technology, which is developed by the company itself. While there are other products with other technologies on the market, DALI went one step further to provide you with outstanding image sharpness with 200 megapixels infrared detector. Users of infrared cameras know that image quality is a fundamental step in performing infrared diagnostics. Without picture clarity, temperature measurements or other action may be inaccurate, and you may create some problems. With DALI technology products, you know exactly where you are making your adjustments. DALI offers a wide range of thermal imaging cameras with different levels of image resolution. DALI cameras provide up to 200 megapixels infrared detector. Assuring us that their products will meet customers expectation with their high clarity.