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DigitalOlympus.Com Comments on the Decision of China's Huawei Not to Make Buy-Outs to Grow in Smartphones

Leading business news and technology research blog has commented on a recent news regarding the disclosure of China’s Huawei not to acquire another smartphone maker to boost its market share in the smartphone market. Comments on FCPA Investigation Into JP Morgan's Hiring Practices in China

News and technology blog commented on a New York Times news article that reported on the latest probe into top financial services company JP Morgan Chase over alleged FCPA violations in China. Comments on SEC's Probe Into SciClone as Reported in the Wall Street Journal

News and technology blog has commented on a Wall Street Journal news article concerning the Securities and Exchange Commission latest probe into SciClone Pharmaceuticals Inc. due to alleged FCPA violations. Comments IGN News Article Regarding Square Enix's Changing Philosophy

News and technology blog commented on a recent IGN news article regarding Japanese videogame developer Square Enix’s new philosophy emphasizing the importance of business intelligence in the company’s latest changes. Comments GlaxoSmithKline Alleged FCPA Violations as Reported in the New York Times

In the light of a recent New York Times article regarding GlaxoSmithKline Alleged FCPA Violations, commented on the news article emphasizing the government's tendency to approach FCPA misconducts more severely in the last few years. Comments on SEC's Decision Not to Prosecute Medtronic for Alleged FCPA Misconducts as Reported on the Wall Street Journal

In light of a recent Wall Street Journal article about the DOJ and the SEC’s decision to not prosecute Medtronic Inc. for alleged FCPA Violations, news blog commented on this case as an example of the importance of cooperating with the authorities in these situations. Comments on Reuters News Article Regarding Boeing's Resumption of Deliveries of 787 Dreamliner

On May 15, popular news and technology blog commented on a recent article by Alwyn Scott in Reuters’ news regarding Boeing’s effort on the resumption of deliveries of its high-tech 787 Dreamliner aircraft on Tuesday. Comment on a Recent Fox Business News Article Regarding NHTSA Probes of Ford F-150 Pickups for Reduced Engine Power

On May 28, popular news and technology blog commented on a recent Fox Business News article regarding United States safety regulators probe concerning reports of a swift decline in engine power in an approximated 400,000 of Ford Motor Co's 2001 to 2013 model-year F-150 Pickup trucks. Comments on Forbes Article Regarding SoftBank's Improved Bid for Sprint Nextel

Following a Forbes news article regarding SoftBank’s improved bid for Sprint Nextel, news blog commented on the situation hailing the due diligence actions carried out by the all the companies involved throughout the whole negotiation process. Helps Businesses Choose Between Traditional and Hosted/Virtual PBX Solutions in New Step-by-Step Guide as Featured on

This guide by presents a step-by-step comparison of features of traditional and hosted/virtual PBX phone system solutions as featured on, and helps businesses weigh merits and demerits in their selection process.