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Battling Commercial Bribery? Latest Business Intelligence Tips from

Under the FCPA, a business registered in the USA and engaging in commercial bribery is liable to criminal prosecution even when operating outside the boundaries of the United States. The implications of this are far-reaching, and businesses can protect themselves and their interests from commercial bribery by employing effective business intelligence measures.

E-Commerce Businesses Attract Investment with the Help of Custom Printing Services is offering e-commerce start-ups tips on effective promotional printing strategies that can help them attract investment in unfavorable times. Research shows that the tech industry has changed its focus so much so that ecommerce startups are no longer receiving priority funding. The implications of this include the fact that in order to attract investment, ecommerce firms must prove to be profitable with a good business outlook and not just great ideas alone.

Operational Complexities Solved and Financial Fraud Reduced with Business Intelligence Says Blog

Business intelligence strategies keep companies safe from fraud by clearly identifying legitimate partners, officials, authorities, businesses, agencies, procedures and methods in non-transparent regimes and operational areas overseas.

Self-Employment Businesses - Blog Recommends 3 Top Choices

From owning your own WiFi hotspot/café to freelance writing and web/graphics design, research firm recommends the 3 best self-employment businesses for a motivated self-starter.

Blog Predicts Revolution in Home Industry Because of 3D Printing Emergence

Why 3D printing will be the hottest business item of 2013 - predicts. 3D printing will help jumpstart small scale manufacturing and home-based businesses in 2013 - essentially causing the home industry revolution.

Winning Strategy for Small Businesses: App-Based Product Marketing - Study by Shows

In an age of smartphones and the mobile Internet, apps are changing the way people approach life and business; connecting with friends and associates is now done almost entirely via smartphones and handheld devices – iPhones, iPads, Android tablets and various others. And most of the services that run on such platforms are provided through apps – in fact, apps are becoming a part of American culture according to

Hosted PBX Plans Lower Business Operating Costs, Reveals New Business Tech Study

Hosted PBX plans lower business telecom costs, according to new research by By eliminating the need for on-site maintenance, upgrades, administration, configuration, installation, training and repair, hosted PBX solutions save costs dramatically for businesses when it comes to telecoms spending.

New IT Report by Blog Presents Cost-Saving Office Wast Management Tips

Inventory should not only be for useful office equipment but also for old (waste) materials, according to a recent business study by technology blog Having a proper record of materials intended for disposal (such as old printers used for brochure printing, custom labels printing, flyer printing and other custom printing services) can help businesses properly categorize them and plan for the most profitable mode of disposal - either through auction or recycling. An old mug may actually fetch more at auction than when sold to the local recycler. Keeping records and doing a little research can show that there is more financial sense either mode of disposal, helping businesses earn more returns on old (waste) equipment.

New Study by Shows How Networked Printing Helps Businesses Save

Document creation is a major aspect of any business' operation at the office level; documents must be created for each transaction and to track internal processes. Documents constitute the all-important paper trail without which a business cannot operate, grow or even exist. A recent study by reveals that businesses can optimize their document creation and control processes to reduce costs by adopting networked printing for such daily printing services as flyer printing, large format printing, brochure printing, shipping labels printing, vinyl banners printing and others.

Remote Project Handling for Remote and Virtual Offices Explained in New Report by Tech Blog

Tech blog recently released a report on remote project handling and how it provides businesses operating remote and virtual offices with a way to manage and execute projects without the fear of communication breakdowns and loss of control.