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New Study by Show That Energy-Saving & Eco-Friendly Practices Are Now Part of Most Offices

Businesses are increasingly adopting energy-efficient technology for work and production, according to a recent study by tech blog The implications of this are leaner, smarter and faster work processes, energy and cost savings and a better bottom line for businesses.

Remote Project Handling Techniques for Managing Virtual and Offsite Offices Demystified by Study from Blog

The new business telecoms study by tech blog explains remote project handling techniques in-depth, providing key insights for businesses that will lead to success if closely followed during the process of assuming new virtual or remote offices.

Offices Show Rise in Use of Eco-Friendly Printing, New Study by Shows

A recent study by tech blog indicates that eco-friendly business printing is on the rise in offices all over the country. The message of saving the environment by cutting back on energy use is already gaining a foothold in corporate America as businesses small and large are switching to energy-saving office equipment and production processes.

New Study Reveals Ways to Achieve Optimized Phone Networks with "Do It Yourself " Techniques

An optimized phone system network provides the capacity to support exactly what is needed by the business in terms of incoming and outgoing voice calls, voicemail, IVR, call management, conferencing (on VoIP phones) and other standard features, saving costs and removing redundancy in the process.

Small Businesses and Offices Increase Recycling and Move Beyond Paper, Trend Shows

Office recycling is something that has been picking up pace over the last decade or so, the idea that you don’t have to just dispose of old office stationery and equipment – you can recycle them to help save the environment and even get paid while you’re at it. This was the focus of a recent study by tech blog

Emerging News Blog to Highlight Bribery and the Cost of Doing Business Internationally

If you want to do business in Malaysia, you are going to have to pay up. Recent reports indicate that Malaysia ranked the worst on Transparency International’s 2012 Bribe Payers Survey. When executives were asked if they believe they lost out on contracts due to bribery, half of the 3,000 surveyed replied yes. It is an astounding percentage for Southeast Asia’s largest economy. The bottom line here is that companies looking to do business abroad need to conduct their due diligence before getting caught up in the murky waters of foreign corruption.

Tech Blog Publishes New Expert-Reviewed Compendium of Database Facts

The new compendium of database facts was put together by a qualified SQL server consultant panel and can serve to bridge the knowledge gap between hardcore database professionals and IT workers with perfunctory database knowledge. The guide also contains information about relational database design and SQL tuning.

New Article on Tech Blog Explores the Use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Public Healthcare Delivery

Interactive voice response (IVR) is being increasingly used for medical applications including basic diagnosis, health FAQs and disease information and advice. Besides PHR services, electronic medical records and other health information technology solutions, IVR can be used as a tool for public healthcare delivery – a point of view that is investigated in an article by tech blog

FCPA Regulations and How to Avoid Becoming Victim to Corruption Abroad to Be Reviewed on News Blog

You may be thinking of taking your company abroad or you may already have a foreign location. Whatever your current position, it is vital that you become fluent in the guidelines of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and educate your staff as well. will take a close look at the policy and outline a checklist of do’s and don’ts especially at a time when FCPA is being strictly enforced.

Tech Blog Outlines Benefits of eMedicine in Latest Article

eMedicine is already very popular; medical apps are already delivering online PHR services, mobile medicine has been operating for a long time with medical records and drug prescriptions sent to patients by SMS or email, as well as other forms of health information technology solutions such as virtual (remote) surgery, fully online medical clinics and expert systems and a host of other solutions. The new article by technology blog looks at eMedicine as a dimension of modern healthcare delivery that is here to stay.