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Logistics Planning Trends Towards Multi-Storey Warehousing for Urban Core

LogoThe cost of land necessary for industrial development has made expansion difficult for many in recent years. However, multi-storey construction is set to change that, offering a new way to optimize on available land in urban markets. In most densely populated areas there is an ongoing shrinkage happening when it comes to industrial land alongside a key need for businesses to occupy locations that are close to their customer base. The solution is the multi-storey warehouse, something that isn't often seen in the US, but which is becoming increasingly economically justifiable. There are many benefits to integrating this type of construction, not least that it allows for greater use of a single piece of land by building up. Companies that are looking to deliver to customers within tight windows are attracted to this type of development because it can remain within urban areas, offering distribution facilities with close proximity to customers.

Procurement Recruitment One of the Top 5 Trends for 2022

LogoThere are a number of key trends that are dominating procurement for 2022. There is, for example, the ongoing need for businesses to invest more in IT solutions, as well as the fact that transparency in supply chains has become vital. Another key procurement trend for 2022 is putting risk management at the center of operations, especially after the challenges of the past couple of years. However, one of the most important trends for 2022 - and one that stands out among the top 5 - is the focus on procurement recruitment. Skills gaps and talent shortages are a general theme right now and this is especially so in procurement. That's why the industry is prioritizing recruitment this year, as well as looking at diversifying the way that this is managed. Alongside building strong permanent workforces there is an emphasis on the support of contingent workers - 70% of executives anticipate hiring more freelancers and contingent workers in the coming two years.

UK & US Procurement Specialists Merge to Create Rethink Group

LogoTwo players from the world of procurement have joined forces to create the new Rethink Group, expanding reach in both the UK and the US. The first of the two collaborators is Lifecycle Management, an end-to-end provider of contract management services based in Oxford, which focuses on improvements and efficiency through contract and supplier lifecycle. The second is Procura, an award-winning management consultancy that delivers transformation of client procurement functions. The Rethink Group is made up of 80+ professionals across the UK and US and will provide opportunities for both businesses to add depth to their individual offerings. This is likely to include an extension in business lines at Procura, for example, moving from consulting to managed services. Together, the combined forces within the Rethink Group will be able to offer a broader spectrum of options to many more clients across an expanded geographical area.

Kroger Logistics and Supply Recruitment Event Targets 23,000 More Workers

LogoCincinnati-based supermarket giant Kroger has been driving a series of recruitment events over the past year. Most recently it has been targeting workers who can support its logistics and supply operations. In June 2021, the business was seeking to add another 10,000 workers and in October last year an additional 20,000. The most recent hiring push, in April 2022, was focused on targeting 23,000 new staff for the business. Kroger hosts hybrid hiring events that are designed to allow it to reach even more people through both virtual and in-person recruitment means. The increase in workforce has become necessary to support the ongoing expansion that Kroger is investing in when it comes to its online grocery service. The partnership with retailer Ocado has played a particularly important role in generating logistics and supply chain jobs at the retailer. Plus, the launch of Kroger delivery in South Florida over the summer will also see another 200 roles that need filling in areas such as logistics and human resources.

BNSF Acquires Land in Planning Logistics Hub Near Phoenix

LogoA 3,508-acre piece of land in the Phoenix region is soon to be the home of a new, huge intermodal logistics hub for BNSF Railway Co. In April this year, BNSF made the winning bid for the property, which went for more than $49 million at an Arizona State Land Department auction. As well as being the winning bidder, BNSF was also the sole bidder. The property sits right next to the BNSF railway line and is viewed as a smart long-term investment for BNSF. The company intends to focus on how it can best develop the land to transform it into "an economic engine in the West Valley." Although BNSF itself did not reveal details about what it was proposing to do with the land, public records show that it is planning to create a large logistics hub. The land is currently undeveloped and being used for livestock.

Hybrid Working - a Priority for Procurement Headhunters

LogoHybrid working models have taken the world by storm ever since the start of the pandemic forced companies to reassess workforce management. Talent gaps in procurement and supply chain have made it even more important to update the way that opportunities are offered to candidates in order to be able to attract the best people. In fact, according to Gartner, being able to offer hybrid working is now vital for firms to even remain competitive. 61% of industry leaders believe that the pandemic has created permanent hybrid working models in procurement teams. Most employers forecast that the expectations that employees have when it comes to hybrid working will become more demanding and, in order to win the talent war, it will be necessary to take those expectations into account. That's why procurement headhunters today are increasingly focused on the fact that hybrid working is now a priority for enterprises globally.

Skills in Demand for Next Generation of Procurement Professionals

LogoTwo key factors are having a big influence on the nature of procurement jobs going forward: automation in the sector and the increasing prevalence of hybrid working structures. This is changing the way that those who are looking to get ahead in procurement jobs need to approach career development. For example, soft skills are becoming increasingly key in this industry, with the emphasis on being able to demonstrate empathy, an understanding of what customers want and where sector trends are going - as well as being business savvy. Being comfortable with technology is also vital and an area where most young professionals are much more at ease with. Automation is affecting many different areas of procurement jobs, from analytics and distribution to supplier payments and inventory management. It's vital for individuals working in this industry to understand how that will impact an enterprise, and their role within it.

FedEx Opens New Memphis Based Global Logistics and Supply Chain Headquarters

LogoIn April this year, FedEx Logistics announced the opening of its new premises in Memphis, which will serve as a global headquarters and a focal point for international operations. FedEx Logistics is a subsidiary of global freight transportation and logistics services provider FedEx and its services include ocean and air cargo, customs brokerage and warehousing and distribution. The premises in Memphis have gone through significant improvement since the site was identified as a potential headquarters location, with $50 million spent on a sustainable renovation. The new building is a 200,000-square-feet former guitar manufacturing facility, which is positioned opposite the FedExForum. It is designed to be a landmark site within the family of FedEx operations and signifies the ambitious plans and vision that the business has for the coming years. The past year has been kind to FedEx - in March the company reported a 10% annual increase in quarterly revenue at $23.6 billion, and a 32% annual gain.

Sustainability Changing the Face of Corporate Procurement

LogoCorporate procurement is going through a major shift, moving away from simply buying at the best possible price and towards a different strategy. This new strategy is being driven by sustainability, whether that is making it a priority to buy only green products or ensuring the ethical standards of supply chain partners. This is a shift that is affecting organizations at every level, from startups with clear eco agendas to government and state infrastructure (see the Sustainable Purchasing Policy adopted by the City of Sacramento). For every corporate procurement strategy moving to a more sustainable basis, the first step is always going to be to define the desired end result, whether that relates to diversity, social justice, human rights or environmental stewardship. Implementing this new approach to corporate procurement is becoming increasingly more straightforward, as it starts to become the norm up and down the supply chain.

National Freight Data Portal Nears Completion

LogoPartnerships that are focused on sharing data and developing new information that can be used to help improve supply chains are a key priority right now. Achieving the goal of a National Freight Data Portal would establish this nationwide in the US. This portal is designed to enable a global supply chain data exchange, helping to improve trade competitiveness and providing opportunities in the future to avoid the issues that have arisen around congestion in ports. The US Department of Transport recommended the creation of the portal in its Supply Chain Assessment of the Transportation Industrial Base: Freight and Logistics report. The report notes how important the greater standardization and interoperability of data is going to be when it comes to supply chain transparency and moving on to achieve improved levels of throughput capacity. The portal will have a key role to play in helping to achieve this and in moving the supply chain on from the challenges that have caused so many issues over the past 24 months.