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E Instruments Launches 2018 Combustion Analyzer Heating Season Promotion

LogoOne of the leading manufacturers of portable combustion analyzers, indoor air quality monitors, and other gas analyzing equipment, E Instruments offers a selection of innovative and high-performance devices for a wide range of businesses. With the official arrival of the 2018-2019 Heating Season, the company is beginning its Fall 2018 Combustion Analyzer Heating Season Promotion, during which contractors and technicians can get free important accessories when they purchase one of their select combustion analyzers.

E Instruments Announces the E6000 Hand-Held Industrial Combustion Gas and Emissions Analyzer

LogoAs an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial emissions analyzers, E Instruments has long been the face of innovation in industrial and manufacturing facilities. With their latest hand-held and versatile combustion gas and emissions analyzer known as the E6000, companies can now measure a range of gases easier than ever before.

E Instruments Offering New Model E500 Residential Combustion Efficiency Analyzer

LogoAs leaders in the HVAC industry, E Instruments is continuously providing top-of-the-line combustion gas analyzers and monitoring equipment. Now, E Instruments is proud to announce a new model, the Entry-Level, economical E500 Residential Combustion Efficiency Analyzer for HVAC professionals. It's an entry-level, easy-to-use unit for all residential atmospheric and condensing boilers, furnaces, heaters, burners and more.

E Instruments Announces E8500 Plus Portable Emissions Analyzer for Marine Applications

LogoOne of the leading manufacturers of industrial combustion gas and emissions analyzers, E Instruments, offers the E8500 Plus Portable Emissions Analyzer which is ideal for the maintenance and emissions monitoring of marine engines, boilers, and incinerators. This Bluetooth-integrated product has the ability to sense up to nine distinct gasses and comes with an automatic long-term monitoring and data logging system. Plus, the extended battery life helps make this portable emission analyzer from E Instruments the best for marine applications and many others.

E Instruments E9000 Emissions Analyzer Now Includes Heated Probe Head and Sample Line

LogoAs one of the leading manufacturers of emission analyzers in the U.S. and Europe, E Instruments is pleased to announce that it now provides the E9000 Emissions Analyzer which includes a heated probe head and sample line. This Bluetooth-integrated system is the most complete, portable tool for EPA-compliance level emissions monitoring. It can be used for equipment such as boilers, engines, kilns, furnaces, and countless other types of combustion equipment.

E Instruments Provides Information on AQ VOC Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor in New Video

LogoE Instruments, a leading manufacturer of air quality monitors, combustion analyzers, and much more, has provided customers with an informative NEW video on the ins and outs of the AQ VOC Handheld Indoor Air Quality Monitor. On the company's website, those in the market for specific air quality products can browse certain features and capabilities of the IAQ monitors and take note of different settings on the equipment along with how to use the instruments through their training videos.

E Instruments Offers the Latest in Combustion Analysis Technology with the BTU1500-NP for Commercial & Residential Applications

LogoWhen it comes to the latest design instruments, E Instruments leads the industry by offering the latest in combustion analysis technology with its BTU1500-NP for both commercial and residential applications. The company's mission is to provide high-quality instrumentation designed to measure flue gas emissions and combustion analysis from HVAC residential, commercial & industrial applications. Industrial, HVAC, commercial, and institutional markets worldwide rely on E Instruments for their extensive line of products.

E Instruments Sells Combustion Analysis Probes for High Temperature & High Dust Load Flue Gases

LogoE Instruments, a worldwide-leading producer of innovative and high-quality emissions analyzers, is continuing to exceed industry standards with its newest probes for high-temperature and high-dust load flue gases. Over the years, E Instruments has been building upon its strong reputation by identifying challenges in combustion and emissions monitoring across a range of industries. With this latest Inconel flue gas sampling probe for high temperatures and dust loads, manufacturers with cement kilns, steel furnaces, and other incinerators will be able to measure gases more accurately to increase efficiency and reporting efforts.

E Instruments Offering E8500 Plus for Cement Applications & Lime Applications

LogoE Instruments, one of the industry's leading manufacturers of industrial gas analyzers, is offering the most advanced and powerful portable emissions analyzer on the market which can be used for a wide range of applications—including cement and lime. The Bluetooth-integrated portable emissions analyzer, the E8500 Plus, senses up to nine distinct gasses and comes with an enhanced internal memory and extended battery life, along with other key features that set this emissions analyzer above the rest.

E Instruments Announces Portable Air Quality Monitors for Vehicle Operator Safety and Warehouses

LogoE Instruments, an industry leader in air quality monitoring equipment, is announcing its high-quality indoor air quality monitors for warehouses, vehicle operators, and more for those in need of trusted indoor gas safety monitoring devices. With a selection of customizable and easy-to-use indoor air monitors, E Instruments helps customers keep their buildings safe with accurate air quality testing.