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CSI Website Will Improve Visitor Conversion and Increase B2B Lead Generation

Of all the visitors on a B2B website only a minority will provide contact details or inquiry about the products or services. Setting up a CSI website will significantly increase the lead generation.

Not Social Media but Website Has Most Potential for Generating Sales Leads Finds Survey

According to a 2012 Engago Technologies survey social media has little potential compared to the corporate website as before and during all purchase processes the website gets visited multiple times.

The Content Marketing Challenge Is to Know the Interest It Generates from Businesses

Even if content receives much traffic, it can be it generates interest from residential surfers instead of businesses showing real interest. Residential people won’t buy B2B products or services. You need to get business people with your content.

Solving the Avoidance of Sales People Issue of Website Visitors

A survey by LEADSExplorer revealed that only a minority of people will provide their real contact details. This is the biggest roadblock for any marketing campaign whatsoever which can only be solved by knowing more about the visitor like company, location, language and interest.

Solving the Avoidance of Sales People Issue of Website Visitors

By all means people will avoid to pass on their contact details when visiting a website as they don’t want to be bothered by sales people calling or receiving marketing emails.

Marketers Can Be Like Cowboys in B2C Hurding the Cattle but Should Be Like Hunters in B2B

LEADS Explorer enables organizing the lead generation process after the visitor lands on the website allowing to convert the most leads due to the information provided for each visitor.

Research Finds That in 2015 over Two Thirds of All Leads Will Come from the Internet

People consult the Internet as their first source for information to solve their problems and find solutions instead of being influenced by marketing messages. A game changer is required to handle this change as the conventional channels no longer will be adequate.

Survey Finds That Marketers Ignore Their Most Valuable Lead Source

A poll amongst marketers in B2B has revealed that many efforts are being made to generate leads from all possible channels but the visitors on the website are left untouched.

Solving Marketing Wasting Money by Controlling the Website Conversion

In order to improve significantly your marketing spending, LEADSExplorer will increase your lead generation significantly at its’ most crucial point.

Radical Lead and Sales Tactic Change for Coping With Business And Economy Changes

The conventional outbound marketing of sending direct mailings and email marketing is becoming less effective as decision makers search the Internet for information and evaluating solutions and vendors. Change is required: information and intelligence from the website.