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ESI Waste/City of Leesburg Issue Tips for Latex Paint in Dumpster Rentals in VA

LogoThe City of Leesburg has reminded business and homeowners not to dispose of liquid latex paint, according to a statement by the City Department of Public Works. This reminder comes shortly after a messy accident occurred in the city when one resident improperly disposed of several cans of unused paint.

The Adopt-a-Highway Program Needs Dumpster Rental in VA

LogoVirginia's highways are strewn with litter, and the situation is only getting worse, according to state authorities. As local blogger Lisa Provence reports, volunteers in the Adopt-a-Highway program are having a hard time keeping up with the seemingly endless stream of litter dropped on their stretches of road.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. (ESI) Acquires Northern Virginia Based Con-Serv Industries (CSI)

LogoSince 1985 CSI has been providing commercial, industrial and residential services to businesses, institutions, government facilities, municipalities and homeowner associations throughout Northern Virginia. With more than 2,700 customers, CSI provides high value services through personal relationships and attention to detail, which have been the cornerstones of its strong growth over the past three decades.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. (ESI) Acquires Washington DC Based Bowie's Trash

LogoSince 1938 Bowie's has been a community partner – helping to keep our Nations' Capitol clean and green. With more than 500 customers and 1,000 locations, primarily focused on building owners and property management companies, Bowie's understands the unique requirements of servicing buildings in the District. Bowie's takes a consultative approach in working with customers and prides itself on solving problems quickly and efficiently.

EnviroSolutions Becomes an Official Partner of Monumental Sports & Entertainment

LogoEnviroSolutions, a regional waste and recycling services company, announces an official partnership with Monumental Sports & Entertainment (MSE). The partnership is with Verizon Center, the Washington Capitals (NHL) and Wizards (NBA). With a keen focus on helping businesses and communities thrive using customized and environmentally conscious solutions, EnviroSolutions will handle all of the waste removal services for Verizon Center.

Recent Study Reveals 9 in 10 Americans Have Access to PET Recycling

LogoRecently, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition commissioned Resource Recycling Systems and Moore Recycling Associates to investigate the accessibility of PET recycling for Americans. It turns out that 92 percent of Americans had access to some kind of PET recycling, which is comparable to aluminum beverage can recycling, but higher than either glass beverage bottle recycling or paper carton recycling. As a result, both businesses and consumers interested in recycling their PET bottles, jugs, and jars should be heartened to realize that doing so might be easier than what most of them had suspected.

Composting Is Becoming a Critical Component of Green Lawn Care

LogoThe warm weather means that the grass has started sprouting, which in turn, means that homeowners have started spending more and more time on their lawns, to provide them with the care and maintenance that they need to look their best. However, the rising importance of environmentalism in the public consciousness is convincing more and more homeowners to adopt green lawn care practices. One particularly common example of green lawn care practices is composting, which helps with not just green lawn care, but also other green initiatives.

Go Green This Summer Vacation

LogoThe rising importance of protecting the environment in the public consciousness has caused a wide range of changes in how people live their lives, with an excellent example being the recent rise of green travel. Like its name suggests, green travel means traveling while also striving to minimize the environmental impact from traveling, thus balancing personal rest and relaxation with a commitment to shared responsibilities.

More and More Places Are Switching over to Single-Stream Recycling

LogoSince its introduction in the 1990s, single-stream recycling has started seeing more and more use because of a number of advantages over its multi-stream counterpart. One example is its increased convenience, which makes it that much easier to convince people to recycle their recyclable waste. However, it should be noted that single-stream recycling has other benefits as well, which contribute much to its mounting momentum.

US and China Issue Joint Statement on Paris Climate Deal

LogoSince the US and China are the two biggest economies on the planet, it should come as no surprise to learn that they are the two biggest polluters on the planet in absolute terms as well. As a result, the two countries faced significant pressure at the Paris climate conference that was held in December of 2015, which resulted in a successful climate deal between them as well as 193 other countries. Now, the US and China have issued a joint statement that they will sign the Paris climate deal on April 22, which will have enormous consequences for them as well as all of the signatories.