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US Is One of the Biggest E-Waste Offenders

LogoElectronics have become more and more popular over time, meaning that it should come as no surprise to learn that e-waste has become more and more common as well. In fact, a 2015 UN report claimed that a staggering 46.1 million tons of e-waste was tossed into landfills in 2014 while a mere 7.2 million tons was sent-in for recycling. Of the 46.1 million tons, the United States led the list of countries at 7.8 million tons, followed by China, Japan, Germany, and India in that order. It is worth noting that the United States produced a total of 3.5 million tons back in 2008, meaning that the problem is becoming more and more serious over time.

Pollution Is Contributing to Antibiotic Resistance

LogoPollution puts a wide range of pollutants in the shared environment, which results in a wide range of consequences. One example is how countless species of harmful microorganisms are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics, which is an enormous problem because we are reliant on them to protect ourselves as well as keeping a number of important economic sectors running in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Although pollution is not the sole cause of the problem of rising antibiotic resistance, it is nonetheless a serious one.

Initiative Recycles Oyster Shells to Restore Oyster Population

LogoThe need to recycle food waste is becoming more and more prominent in the public consciousness as more and more recycling initiatives are launched. One example is the Oyster Recovery Partnership, which is a collaboration between the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, and other interested parties meant to encourage the recycling of oyster shells. For eco-friendly businesses, this is a reminder that reinforces the need to recycle their food waste, particularly by consulting a waste disposal company such as EnviroSolutions, Inc. with the relevant expertise and experience.

ESI Energy Capturing Project Underway at Big Run

LogoThe Big Run Landfill in Ashland, Kentucky, operated by EnviroSolutions, Inc. for over eight years is a waste removal company operating on nearly 1600 acres. Big Run's gas collection system was improved due to an investment of nearly $10,000,000 in May, when the number of vertical wells and collection points nearly doubled, thus tripling gas capture yields and reducing odor levels. However, landfill gas is still currently being destroyed by high-energy flares, pending the construction of a clean energy facility. This state-of-the-art facility at the Big Run Landfill waste removal company is due to convert gas produced by the landfill into clean energy, specifically renewable natural gas. EnviroSolutions' CEO, Dean Kattler, views the change as a welcome endeavor to 'support the landfill's operations well into the future'.

EnviroSolutions Announces New President and CEO

LogoRegional waste management company, EnviroSolutions, Inc, is proud to announce a new addition to its team with the ascension of Dean Kattler to the company's helm as President and Chief Executive Officer. Delivering an array of solid waste collection services to the United States Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions, EnviroSolutions is happy to have Kattler's quarter-of-a-century of experience in the waste disposal industry.

EnviroSolutions, Inc. Seeks to Reduce the Amount of Food Waste Entering Virginia Landfills by Educating Residents

LogoIn September 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a new plan to reduce how much food waste restaurants, food manufacturers and other companies send to landfills. The plan aims to reduce the total amount of food waste going to landfills by 50 percent. Changing the industry will take time, though -- the EPA's and USDA's plan hopes to achieve its goal by 2030. EnviroSolutions, Inc., which manages landfills in Virginia and other states, is helping individuals make a more immediate impact.

ESI to Develop New Clean Energy Project at Big Run Landfill

LogoPlans are now underway to develop a new, state-of-the-art clean energy facility at Big Run Landfill that will convert gas produced at the landfill into renewable natural gas, EnviroSolutions (ESI), owner of Big Run, announced today.

Speedy Dumpster Asks Residents of Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland to Keep Dumpster Lids Closed

LogoSpeedy Dumpster has seen an increase in weight when emptying onsite dumpsters. The drivers attribute this increase to heavy rains accumulating inside the dumpsters. They want to warn customers and dumpster renters to keep lids on the dumpsters closed when it is raining during work hours and always close lids at the end of the workday. This will result in lighter weights within the receptacles.

Dumpster Rental Company Galaxy Transfer Provides Dumpster Rentals That Make Cleaning out Dorms Easier

LogoAs college students head home for summer, they have a lot of trash that needs to be thrown out. Working out a dumpster rental with Galaxy Transfer can help universities cope with the increase in garbage during May and June.

Galaxy Transfer Is Committed to Recycling and Reusing Remodel and Construction Waste Materials Through Their Dumpster Rental Program

LogoGalaxy Transfer has been a leader in the Northern Virginia area since becoming a division of EnviroSolutions, Inc. in 2013. They rent several sizes of dumpsters, 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard containers mainly to customers during the Construction and Demolition process. They rent to both commercial and residential customers, and specialize in roll off dumpsters.