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What Is a Landfill, and Where Are There Landfills in Virginia and Maryland

LogoContrary to popular belief, the environment is a constant topic of conversation among waste disposal professionals. The truth is that waste disposal companies are typically on the forefront of championing recycling efforts, energy conservation and common sense when it comes to generating trash. This is because companies like EnviroSolutions Inc. are the people who are responsible for finding a place for all of the garbage that is set out on the curb. It’s our job to worry about the space needed (and left) to store all that trash.

Why Waste Management Companies Are Environmentally Friendly

LogoIt has taken people a relatively long time to understand the benefits of living an environmentally friendly life. And, although much of the planet agrees that the Earth is more than just a place to build cities, we still have a long way to go before we begin to reverse the cycle of harm that has been levied against our tiny planet.

Tips for Hiring a Waste Management Company

LogoMany folks around the world have the opinion that garbage is garbage, and the less they have to think about it the better. After all, the process of waste management is simple. On a given day we haul our cans to the curb, filled with a week’s worth of debris, and when we come back at the end of the day the cans are empty and we start to fill them again in preparation for the next week’s pick-up. However, not taking the time to understand all that your waste management company provides, or understanding what their goals and environmental concerns are, is a missed opportunity to better your community.

ESI Waste Provides Multiple Landfill Locations

LogoToday, it is easy for all of us to think about something simply going “away” when it is thrown in the garbage. But when a piece of trash is thrown away in Virginia, DC, or Maryland, where does it actually go? Today, more than half of the waste that is created by Americans goes to a landfill. The system of landfills in America is one that is very complex, with numerous guidelines at both the state and federal level. These guidelines ensure that the hundreds of millions of tons of municipal waste that are generated in the United States each year are handled safely and efficiently, and in a way that protects our communities and our environment. They help to create and manage a practical system for handling the country’s waste by:

What's the Difference Between a Roll-off Container and a Dumpster

LogoIf you own a new home or apartment complex, or if you are opening a new business, you have a lot of decisions to make. Owning property comes with many responsibilities and bills. Making sure you understand those responsibilities typically means you'll understand the bills, since one generally follows the other. Although utilities like heat, water, power, and gas are often at the top of the list when thinking about brick-and-mortar costs for home of business, it's just as important to think about your long-term and short-term garbage disposal needs.