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IT and Technology Recruitment in Germany – An Exciting Time to Join the German Tech Industry and Adapt with the Current Climate

LogoIT and technology companies in cities across Germany from Berlin to Hamburg, Munich to Cologne, are searching for new ways to make smart hiring decisions which will ensure they stay in the black and remain out of the red. The country, like many others across Europe, has faced immense disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has meant many workplaces have had to adapt to new regimes such as working from home.

Cloud and Infrastructure Jobs in Germany – In High Demand Due to Increasing Technology Innovations

LogoCloud and infrastructure professionals are in high demand across the country from Berlin to Hamburg, Cologne to Munich and Dusseldorf. With advances in technology, cloud and infrastructure is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to keep up with digital transformations and remain in the black and out of the red.

IT and Technology Jobs on Deutschland – The Future of the Tech Sector Relies on Innovative Individuals Joining the Workforce

LogoDigital transformation has been the driving force in the demand for professionals with the skills to implement cutting-edge software into businesses across Germany and Europe. This is a vital step for companies to improve their productivity and workflow to ensure they remain in the black and out of the red. The German software market has had a 5.7% growth every year for the past five years providing a total of €19bn according to the European Information Technology Observatory .

Cyber Security Careers in Germany – A Willingness to Grapple with New Technologies Is Vital in the Cyber Security Sector

LogoCybersecurity is an exciting, continually evolving sector within the tech industry. Many professionals see it as a digital arms race to ensure companies and individuals can stay connected through machine learning and autonomous response while keeping their information safe. So much of our daily lives is managed online, this has become particularly prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic which saw people restricted in their movements from their home and having to go about their daily errands using the internet instead. Internet banking and online shopping are all methods many of us use consistently throughout the week. Companies of all sizes from agile start-ups to global powerhouses also rely on digitalisation and are thus also at risk of high-profile breaches and cyber security attacks which have been disrupting the global economy.

Cyber Security Careers in Germany – An Industry in High Demand of Maintaining Cybersecurity Talent

LogoThis year has seen a drastic increase in the demand for cyber security professionals, largely due to the move from professionals working in office to working from home. Companies have had to invest heavily in cyber security procedures to ensure business critical information is protected during the work from home period which is set to last longer than anyone could have anticipated.

IT and Technology Jobs on Deutschland – Valuable Hiring Solutions to Ensure the Tech Industry Thrives

LogoTech companies and professionals are facing the pressure of the necessity to make valuable hiring decisions to positively impact their business model. The new wave of technological advances has shifted the traditional management of many sectors within the tech industry, resulting in high demand for ambitious professionals to join the workforce and help to maintain results.

Cyber Security Careers Germany – This Is an Exciting Time to Be Working in Technology

LogoCybersecurity careers in Germany are booming. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck this was a significant growth area. Now, with large numbers of people working from home, cybersecurity and keeping networks safe has become even more of a priority. Glocomms Germany is a leading specialist recruiter to the tech sector with extensive cybersecurity experience. The firm continues to deliver results for both individuals and organisations at this challenging time, working with clients from Hamburg and Cologne to Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt.

IT and Technology Jobs Deutschland – Solving Skills Gaps and Optimising Opportunities

LogoDigital transformation has been pushed to the top of the agenda like never before in recent months. COVID-19 has brought topics such as cloud and infrastructure and cybersecurity new relevance and this has created a shift in thinking across the world in terms of what organisations need to do to respond effectively. One of the most obvious outcomes of this is an increase in IT and technology jobs and a range of opportunities for talented people to make career-defining moves. Glocomms Germany is a specialist leading recruiter for the tech sector, ensuring that individuals and organisations are able to connect in a mutually satisfying way.

Cyber Security Careers Germany – Finding New Roles in a Burgeoning Sector

LogoCyber security is a constantly evolving space with an ever-changing range of threats. Some of these are consistent and others ebb and flow depending on current environments and events. All businesses today, large and small, require a range of security experts in order to ensure that they are covered in all eventualities. This is particularly so given recent unprecedented numbers of people working from home and now the potential for a phased return to work already in play across cities such as Berlin and Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Cologne. Glocomms Germany is part of an international group working alongside 71 world-leading companies in Germany and beyond, ensuring that finding and securing the best talent remains a key priority.

IT and Technology Jobs Deutschland – Identifying Ongoing Opportunities for Growth

LogoEmbracing extraordinary technological change has proven to be a critical component in ensuring that businesses can remain responsive during challenging times. Alongside the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted how we live and work and made it even more important for enterprises and individuals to have robust IT capacity in place. Glocomms Germany is a leading specialist recruitment agency for the tech sector working in key cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, enabling businesses and talent to connect when it matters most.