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Golden View Has Acquired ISO9001:2008 Certificate

To offer a worry-free translation and localization services and prepare for Universiade SHENZHEN 2011, Golden View has strived for getting ISO9001:2008 certificate since the beginning of 2010. On July 10th, this language service expert acquired the certificate for their software localization and related language services.

How to Choose Your Suitable Expo

The expo so charming in money-making has made countless heroes bow in homage, why? Expos have higher possibility of bringing tempting profits and motivating swift operation of related industries. As we all know, most expos in China are held in May and June, like Suzhou PCB Show 2010, Expo 2010 Shanghai and Int'l Soft China 2010. However, if you think that you could add brilliance to your corporation’s present splendor or bring your dying industry back to life by just attending some expos, you are probably wrong.

China Expo Translation Solution from Golden View

Expo 2010 Shanghai is approaching. Are you gonna be the big winner of this Expo? Still feel headache to find proper language service provider to solve your language problems? Golden View is proud to offer you first class translation and localization services and specific China Expo translation ( solutions.

2010 Expo in China from May to December

2010 is important to Chinese. Besides Expo 2010 Shanghai, there are still many other different expos hold in other big cities in China, like Guangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao, Suzhou, etc. Industries which offer translation services, interpreting services and localization services seem are very hot this year, as they could help companies who attend expos solve their language problems. The following are most expos will be held from May to December in China in 2010.

Chinese Training Course Registration from Golden View Formally Begins

In April, Chinese training course registration from Golden View formally begins. Golden View, whose headquarter office is in Shenzhen, has been a professional translation and localization service expert provider since 1996. The company doesn't make their decision to open such training courses on the spur of the moment - they have surveyed Chinese language training in Shenzhen for months.

How to Choose Translation Training Classes

Wherever you are, you couldn't avoid seeing ads and flyers of various training institutions, schools or companies, and translation training institution is without exception. Undoubtedly, translation training classes could effectively help those who want to be senior translators, learn advanced translation tools, study practical project experience or others alike. But it is so tough for us to make a right decision when we face so many translation training related ads and flyers? Here introduces five steps to help you out.

Golden View Launches Translation Training Class

If you want to be a senior translator, don't miss this great chance from Golden View. The company launches translation training class which helps you achieve your goal. Golden View does not appear puzzling. They are one of the oldest, the most famous translation and localization services providers in China established in February, 1996.

Golden View Launches Trados Training Course

Trados has become an integral translation tools for professional, efficient translators. If you want to master this advanced tool and be a senior language talent, why not consider the Trados training course launched by Golden View, who has been a professional translation and localization service experts since 1996.

Expo Translation & Interpretation Solution from Golden View

Expo 2010 Shanghai, which will be held on the 1st, May, brings distinct business opportunities for people all over the world. It will last 6 months in total. Hundreds of countries will attend this Expo, so, numerous biz chances wave to you. However, language difference forms a barrier for normal communication, even business success. How to Solve?

Financial Translation Solution from Golden View

Today, emerging markets in Asian countries including China, India, Japan, South Korea, etc. have accumulated remarkable wealth. There are huge demands of financial products or services in these countries. Many financial institutions around the world have already been offering professional financial services to wealthy elite or ordinary people in these emerging markets. However, language and culture differences arouse difficulties for foreign investors to establish their business smoothly in Asian countries. But localization companies are born to solve such problems for foreigners. In China, Golden View is a representative localization and translation services provider. They were awarded 2009 Outstanding Translation Corporation of Shenzhen" and elected as one of the trustees of the Sixth Council of TAC.