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The Other Side of "Gone with the Wind": The Roswell Mill Workers

LogoGordon Mercer and Marcia Mercer discuss some newly emerging history on mostly women and children that were deported and imprisoned in the Civil War.

Lost History: Did the Early Maya Come to the Southeast in North America?

LogoSometimes major and significant historical events are lost. “Several Southeastern tribes have long said that their ancestors received immigrants from Mesoamerica and that these immigrants introduced many cultural changes. Far too few anthropologists were listening,” according to Richard Thornton

Yogi Berra on Winning and Can Our Nation Win Again?

LogoThis quote is by Lawrence Peter “Yogi “ Berra, a veteran of D Day in World War ll and one of the greatest baseball catchers of all time. In his nineteen years of playing for the New York Yankees, he helped them go to fourteen World Series. He also played a major role in the success of his team through his ability to lead pitchers, hit the ball in clutch situations and as an all around athlete. Due to his leadership skills, he managed the New York Yankees and New York Mets and was selected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.

Wedgwood Pottery: Early Cherokee Unaker Mining in Franklin, NC

LogoIt was 1987 and we were riding our horses along highway 28, when we first saw the marker: “Wedgwood….several tons of clay taken on 1767 from a nearby pit by Thomas Griffiths…..” Intrigued, we talked about someday visiting the white clay mine. We didn’t know finding the mine would not be easy.

Charlie “Choo Choo” Justice: Talent, Character and Sportsmanship

LogoWe were in Chapel Hill for the ‘cousin’s dinner,’ a family event taking place every year at a local restaurant near Marcia’s family farm. Her uncle, Larry Cheek, a former sports writer for the “Greensboro Record” and “The Roanoke times” and columnist for 27 years with the “Fayetteville Times” was chatting with Gordon and reflecting on the Charlie Justice era of football at the University of North Carolina. All-American tailback Justice, Larry and Gordon agreed, put University of North Carolina athletics on the map and gave it a national reputation.

The Tragedy of Alice Flagg, 1833-1849

LogoThe story of Alice is a ghost story as well as a love story. Romeo and Juliet, as well as Heathcliff and Catherine could do no better. Taking place, or not as some argue, around the Wachesaw Rice Plantation in what is currently Murrells Inlet, it is based on some historical fact. Like many legends, it involves adventure, difficulty and forbidden love. We decided to check it out.

Citizens and Media Can Turn America Around

LogoABC News recently cited statistics showing that in 1960 only 6 percent of products purchased in the United States were manufactured abroad. Today around 60 percent of our purchases are manufactured abroad. With these figures there is little need to wonder, what happened to our jobs? Our political parties can’t seem to agree on a solution. Can our media and citizens succeed in bringing our jobs back, as our political system keeps dropping the ball?

Gordon and Marcia Mercer Global Digital Post: The Law of Bounty and Giving Thanks

LogoFame and fortune are often fleeting. David was in a critical period. He had killed Goliath, proving himself a worthy warrior, but fate had taken a bad turn. Now, he is a fugitive hiding in a cave and King Saul is plotting to kill him. Emotionally, he is in the depths of sorrow, believing all have deserted him. David responds to this crisis by giving thanks to God. He has faith God will deal with him bountifully. Family and friends gather in support and David eventually becomes King of Israel. Under David’s leadership, the nation of Israel prospers. The Bible paints King David as having many human transgressions but he always manages to give God thanks and his life is bountiful.

Teaching Diversity in View of the Norway Tragedy: When I Woke Up the World Was Yellow

LogoWith the horrific tragedy in Norway and the discovery of the suspect’s anti-multiculturalism webpage and neo-Nazi beliefs, educators around the world again emphasize the need to teach children the value of diversity.

Teaching Diversity: When I Woke Up the World Was Yellow

LogoBook Quote: “The World was so different the world was so changed it was all one color it was all the same!” Marcia Gaines Mercer, “When I Woke Up the World Was Yellow”