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Solar Energy Incentives Improve in the Sunshine State

LogoFounder of Green Solar Technologies, Nicki Zvik, comments on solar energy in Florida.

Illinois Solar Incentives Continue to Improve

LogoNo matter what state you call your home, going solar can be a viable and rewarding option for you. Many states offer solar rebates and incentives for the home and business owner, and more states are certain to offer rebates or incentives in time. Even if your state doesn't offer solar rebates, you may still be eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs). Many states allow you to earn and sell credits for the electricity your solar panel system produces.

One Year After Solar Tariffs

LogoOn January 23, 2018, responding to the wake-up calls from Green Solar Technologies Founder, Nicki Zvik, and Green Solar Technologies COO, Edward Harner as well as other experts in the solar field, the president imposed tariffs on solar panels produced outside the United States. The tariffs would start at 30% and then gradually fall to 15% in four years. The first 2.5 gigawatts of solar cells imported each year would be exempted from the tariff.

Why Green Solar Technologies Pushed for Solar Tariffs

LogoIn August of 2017, Green Solar Technologies' COO, Edward Harner, traveled to Washington D.C. to testify in front of the United States International Trade Commission in favor of proposed tariffs on imported solar panels. The purpose of the tariffs was to provide some level of protection for U.S. solar panel manufacturers from the "dumping" of low-quality Chinese government-subsidized solar panels into the U.S. marketplace.

The Current State of Solar Energy in the U.S.

LogoSolar energy is undeniably the superior alternative to carbon, and underscoring this point, some U.S. states are actively working toward replacing their fossil fuel consumption with renewable energy resources, particularly solar. Anticipating future increases in demand for solar installations in these states, Green Solar Technologies is expanding its infrastructure.

Green Solar Technologies in Favor of Solar Tariffs

Logo"Made in America". This label (or the alternative "Made in the USA"), proudly displayed on a product, delivers a special message to the consumer. It says "This product is of the highest quality and meets strict U.S. safety standards." According to Consumer Reports, almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one. Buying a product made in America instills a special confidence in the purchaser while also supporting the U.S. economy and the American workforce.

Solar Jobs Grow in Pennsylvania

LogoPennsylvania's jobs record over the last five years leaves a lot to be desired. The state's growth in the private jobs sector has fallen far behind the national average. But Pennsylvania's solar jobs sector has been a noticeable exception to this downward trend, experiencing impressive growth in recent years with the promise of even greater expansion in 2019 and beyond.

Illinois Could Be the Next State to Commit to Renewable Energy

LogoIllinois may be the next state to commit to a future 100% green energy mix. Illinois State Representative Will Davis recently introduced the "Path to 100 Act", legislation that would expand Illinois' renewable portfolio standard (RPS), driving new solar, wind and storage development and eliminating all non-renewable forms of energy within the next few decades. The act is sponsored by Sen. Bill Cunningham in the Illinois Senate.

A Breakdown of the Green New Deal

LogoThe longest U.S. government shutdown in history has finally ended, which means it's time for Congress to roll up their sleeves and get back to work on the pressing issues at hand. Foremost in the minds of many legislators is what has been coined the 'Green New Deal' (GND for short). The Green New Deal isn't a single piece of proposed legislation, but rather a name that refers to any of several proposed economic stimulus programs that attempt to address both economic inequality and climate change.

Green Solar Technologies Partners with Mission Solar to Support American Manufacturing

LogoGreen Solar Technologies has recently entered into a partnership with Mission Solar, a San Antonio, Texas-based solar panel manufacturing company whose products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.