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Grow & Harvest: Market for Hydroponic Vegetables Is Set to Rise with Urbanization

The market for hydroponics vegetables is set to rise with urbanization and to develop consumer awareness regarding the risk of contaminated veg boosting the demand for vegetables grown in a special way across the world.

Hydroponic Veg Market Expected to Grow at Impressive Rate: Grow & Harvest Comments

A recent article published on the Horticulture Week website has stated that the market for hydroponically grown vegetables is expected to grow at an impressive rate, from now up until 2022. This is said to be because of the increased popularity of diseases and rising demand for fresh produce around the world.

Luxury Anguilla Resort Now Supplying Produce Grown on its Hydroponic Farm

While consumerism continues to degrade in many places across the Caribbean, Anguilla manages to maintain both its historical and natural charm whilst embracing traces of post-modernity in some of its vacation properties. It is no secret that the island faces huge challenges in obtaining accessibility of fresh food sources, relying majorly on North America and Europe for the majority of its food imports, however, one resort has this problem solved. The luxury resort of CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa boasts its very own pesticide free, hydroponic farm. This is an 18,000-square-foot hydroponic farm that incorporates two lettuce ponds, vine crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and a large variety of herbs. This enables guests staying at the CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa to enjoy the finest produce on the island, and ensures that they can consume the vitamins and minerals which they need.

Grow & Harvest, Sponsors of UK420, Now Offering 10% Discount

The UK's leading hydroponics company, Grow & Harvest, sponsors of UK420, are now offering all customers that spend £100 or more on their website a great 10% discount. This discount can be used when purchasing any hydroponics products or equipment off their site, making it a great time for both new growers to get their set-up started and advanced growers to enhance theirs.

Why Growing Vegetables at Home Boosts Peoples Mood: Grow & Harvest Comments

The Huffington Post, an online American news and opinion website have updated their blogs and recently posted an article stating that home-grown vegetables can actually improve people's mood. The article details how people get excited when they see vegetables first sprouting, saying it gives people satisfaction. Not only this but it has been said that people enjoy having home-grown cooked meals and find growing therapeutic and gives people time to de-stress.

Saving Money on Big Hydroponic Nutrient Brands: Grow & Harvest Comments

Over recent years there has been a huge focus on hydroponic growing, with a rapidly rising number of people making the transition from traditional to gardening methods, realising the phenomenal benefits and taking advantage of them completely. Grow & Harvest is a leading hydroponics equipment supplier at the absolute forefront of the hydroponics industry. They're a company in which constantly strive to ensure that they are offering the most affordable yet quality hydroponic growing solutions to all, enabling for all to participate in hydroponic growing method. The company's latest great deal in which many have already used is the offering of 10% off all of the hydroponic nutrients that they offer.

Five Portions of Fruit and Vegetables Now Turns to Ten: Grow and Harvest Comments

It has recently been reported in the news that five portions of fruit and vegetables has now grown to ten. The research behind this has found that eating ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day can increase people's life span and reduce risks of diseases such as cancer.

Grow & Harvest Have Recently Announced Their Free Local Delivery Service

Grow & Harvest have recently announced their new local delivery service which covers Wirral, Liverpool and Ellesmere Port. The free local delivery service only applies to people who have spent over £99 on an order and live within 15 miles. The delivery van is unmarked and is perfect for bulky and heavy items, making it ideal for the majority of hydroponics equipment.

People Now Growing Own Herbs with Help from Goldfish: Grow & Harvest Comments

With masses of people all over the world worried about the potential health effects of man-made chemicals which are typically sprayed on traditionally grown crops – many people are in search of alternative ways to grow their plants and produce, with one of the utmost leading options appearing to be that of hydroponics growing. However, Dutch inventors have recently created an 'EcoFarm' that doubles up as a fish tank – specially designed to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes using fish waste that works greatly as a natural fertiliser.

Grow & Harvest Explain Different Hydroponic Growing Methods – Allowing All to Select the Most Suitable Solutions

In recent years many people have started growing their produce hydroponically, realising the benefits and reaping them completely. However, although it is easy to see the many advantages of hydroponic growing online and in the media, such as reduced grow times, better quality produce and more – when opting to take up the growing method, it has become apparent that many struggle to decide which hydroponic growing method is best for them. In line with this, one leading supplier of hydroponics equipment, Grow & Harvest, have recently explained some of the different style of set-ups to all, including the following: