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When Drivers Are Required to "Move Over"

LogoPer a National Safety Commission poll, more than seventy percent of Americans are unfamiliar with their state laws regarding when to "Move Over". There have been several instances where law enforcement officers have been injured because of drivers not adhering to the rules. While the majority of drivers know that they must pull over to allow emergency vehicles to pass, when it comes to switching lanes for the purpose of maintaining a safe distance, there remains a large degree of driver ignorance.

Hochman & Goldin Discusses Risky Social Media Challenge

LogoFor those of unaware of the Keke Challenge, its popularity skyrocketed last month when the musician Drake released a song titled "In My Feelings". The song resulted in an Internet meme dance "challenge" where drivers exit their vehicle while it is in motion and perform a dance next to the vehicle as they are being recorded on video to then share on social media.

Common Reasons Drivers May Receive a Ticket

LogoReceiving a ticket is something that should be avoided. All drivers need to practice safe driving habits. For drivers that are new to the road, there are several common reasons why people are given traffic tickets.

Hochman & Goldin Discusses Vehicle Registration Stickers

LogoAlthough it may not be strictly enforced, a law enforcement officer has the authority to issue a driver a ticket if the license plate frame obscures even a small portion of the tag, such as the MyFlorida.com website found at the top of the tag. Drivers should also know that they are required to keep the sticker in the upper right corner of the vehicle license plate, right next to the MyFlorida.com website address that must remain unobscured. The majority of modern license plates have an indentation in the corner that serves as something of a reinforcement or reminder to drivers regarding where the sticker should be placed.

Refrain from Using Hazard Lights During a Storm

LogoWhen driving in the rain, it is not uncommon to notice more than one driver using their hazard lights. This behavior may also appear when the conditions on the road are foggy.

Hochman & Goldin Talk About Traffic Myths

LogoShould a law enforcement officer make a mistake when filling out a ticket by writing information where he or she shouldn't have, this mistake is deemed a clerical error and it does not result in the ticket becoming invalid or instantly dismissable. However, circumstances may change should the officer document the erroneously document the vehicle or violation. A traffic attorney can assist with reviewing a case and determining what steps can be taken.

Hochman & Goldin Discuss the Florida Texting While Driving Bill

LogoIf the texting while driving bill successfully becomes a law, Florida will follow the example of 43 states that already have laws in place where texting while driving is considered a primary offense. Currently, Florida has regarded texting while driving as a secondary offense since 2013, which means a driver has to be pulled over for a different reason such as speeding before he or she would receive a texting citation.

Hochman & Goldin Discuss New Florida Driver Licenses

LogoHochman & Goldin is reminding drivers about the availability of the newly redesigned Florida driver’s licenses, which the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has now made available across the state.

Fight a Traffic Ticket with Hochman & Goldin

LogoWith numerous years of experience, Hochman & Goldin is familiar with various types of traffic tickets. These include speeding and civil traffic tickets like driving carelessly or failing to yield. The firm also works with criminal traffic violations, including Driving While License Suspended (DWLS). Hochman & Goldin is also ready to assist with sealing and expunging criminal cases as well as Florida Sunpass, MDX, or Toll-by-Plate violations.

Rely on the Traffic Ticket Fighting Services of Hochman & Goldin in 2018

LogoWith over two decades of experience, Hochman & Goldin can assist with a multitude of different tickets. These include speeding and civil traffic tickets such as careless driving or failure to yield and criminal traffic violations such as Driving While License Suspended (DWLS). Hochman & Goldin can also help with sealing and expunging criminal cases as well as violations involving Florida Sunpass, MDX, or Toll-by-Plate.