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License Re-Testing May Be Required in Florida

LogoDue to recent reforms in Florida law, drivers can face a few potential obstacles when renewing their licenses. Florida passed a new law last month requiring drivers who have had their license suspended for an extended amount of time to retake a vision test as well as complete the written part of the driving exam before being able to renew.

Reckless and Careless Driving Differences

LogoReckless and careless driving might sound like they refer to the same thing, but they do have some major distinctions worth learning about. For starters, a typical traffic ticket would be issued if a driver is cited for careless driving. The words "careless driving" will also act as a comprehensive term for traffic accidents that are not life-threatening and for which a driver receives a careless driving citation.

Florida Electronic Driver Licenses Debut in 2021

LogoApplications for the 2021 rollout of Florida electronic driver's licenses are soon to begin processing. The state will be the first in the world to have electronic driver's licenses that stringently conform with tight national and international standards and have cutting-edge technology in place for the utmost security.

October Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

LogoBecause of distracted driving, over 200 people were involved in fatal accidents in 2018, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With October being National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, AAA is looking to emphasize that distracted involves more than just texting.

The Validity of Electronic Florida Licenses

LogoUnlike insurance, drivers must show their physical license and it's likely to remain so. Using an electronic version of the license to drive a vehicle is essentially like driving unlicensed and may, therefore, lead to a citation. Bear in mind, however, that driving with a license that is not valid, even if a physical one is issued, is also illegal. As a misdemeanor, it can bear heavy fines and may also result in prison time.

Defending Against Breathalyzer Results

LogoIf a Florida law enforcement officer places a driver under arrest for DUI, the driver should be read the implied consent warning reminding the driver that their license may be placed under suspicion should the driver refuse a breathalyzer test.

DUI Charges Do Not Always Involve Alcohol

LogoIn typical circumstances, receiving a driving under the influence (DUI) charge means alcohol was detected in a driver’s system. However, drivers may be surprised to learn that a DUI arrest doesn’t necessarily always involve alcohol consumption.

The Importance of Record Sealing and Expunging

LogoIf an employer is deciding for a job between two equally eligible candidates, the decision to choose one over the other could be due to factors such as a criminal background. With countless people out of work at the moment and searching for new prospects, there could be more candidates vying for the same position, emphasizing the value of sealing or expunging one's record.

Maintaining a Minimum Driving Speed

LogoDrivers traveling on the Florida roadways are supposed to stay in the right lane to ensure better traffic flow if they are traveling at a slow rate of speed. In practical terms, most drivers don't follow this rule. What happens if a driver goes far below the speed limit that was posted? Will they need to have a minimum speed?

Florida's Texting While Driving Law Is in Full Effect

LogoFlorida police have provided drivers with alerts and information about the new hands-free law updates since October of last year. Nonetheless, the "grace period" warning is over, allowing police to issue tickets in certain areas for anyone found driving with a hands-free mobile device in their possession.