Laboratory Testing Inc.

A2LA Accreditation Expanded for Testing Services at Laboratory Testing Inc.

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) has expanded its accreditation with The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Many testing services under the umbrellas of mechanical testing and chemical testing have been added to the lab’s scope of accreditation, which previously included calibration and dimensional testing services. A2LA certificates state that LTI is accredited in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories).

Metallurgist Joins the Metallography Department at Laboratory Testing Inc.

Alan Fabiszewski has joined the Metallography Department at Laboratory Testing Inc. as a Metallurgist with responsibility for microscopic, macroscopic and microhardness examinations, failure analysis and weld qualification.

Laboratory Testing Inc. Materials Testing and ISO/IEC 17025 Nadcap Accreditation Renewed By Performance Review Institute

The Nadcap Accreditation held by Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) of Hatfield, PA USA has been re-approved for Materials Testing services and ISO/IEC 17025 compliance. Laboratory Testing Inc. is a testing and metrology laboratory in business since 1984 which specializes in materials testing, nondestructive testing, specimen machining, failure analysis, dimensional inspection and calibration services. The laboratory's materials testing and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditations were re-approved for another 18 months following an audit by the Performance Review Institute, the managing organization for the Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation) Program. The new Nadcap accreditation certificates are valid through April 30, 2013.

Laboratory Testing Inc. Employee Promoted to X-ray Inspection Supervisor

Long-time NDT employee and X-ray inspection technician at Laboratory Testing Inc. has been promoted to X-ray Supervisor to oversee all X-ray inspections and staffing.

Laboratory Testing Inc. Offers Accredited Electrical and Temperature Calibration

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) now offers Electrical and Temperature Calibration through the company’s calibration laboratory, LTI Metrology. LTI calibration services verify accurate output from electrical instruments such as multimeters, clamp meters, calibrators and other items that generate and measure DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, and DC resistance.

Laboratory Testing Inc. Sponsored ASM Materials Camp 2011

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) was proud to sponsor Materials Camp 2011, conducted by ASM International on June 20-24, 2011. The materials and nondestructive testing laboratorytesting laboratory and sustaining member of the ASM Philadelphia Chapter has been a regular sponsor of the seven-year-old program.

A2LA Accreditation Is Renewed and Expanded for Calibration at Laboratory Testing Inc.

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) has been reapproved by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). The renewed accreditation includes the following services

Laboratory Testing Inc. Now Performs Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) is now performed at Laboratory Testing Inc. for analysis and identification of base polymers and additives in materials. FTIR spectroscopy also indicates the amount of material present and is therefore an excellent tool for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Laboratory Testing Inc. Employee Promoted to Chemistry Supervisor

Laboratory Testing Inc. has promoted Marion Crooks to Chemistry Supervisor. In her new role, she oversees material characterization, element analysis, corrosion analysis, wet chemistry and positive material identification (PMI) services.

Laboratory Testing Inc. Attending SIBC and ACIBC Events in March 2011

Laboratory Testing Inc. will be attending the SIBC Submarine Supplier Days and the ACIBC Action Days 2011 Conference in March 2011. Laboratory Testing Inc. provides materials analysis, metals testing, nondestructive testing and calibration services to companies that supply parts and materials to the submarine and aircraft carrier industries.