London Stone

London Stone: Offering Two Leading Brands of Composite Decking

London Stone, one of the UK's leading suppliers of natural stone, have in recent years extended their wonderful product collections to include a number of other flooring solutions, including but not limited to composite decking, ensuring that they are catering for as many landscaping needs as possible.

London Stone Introduce Three New Budget-Conscious Sawn Sandstone Colours to Their Collection

London Stone, one of the UK's favourite suppliers of natural stone, known for their great commitment to offer the highest quality, ethically sourced stone at the industry's most competitive prices, has recently impressed even further, introducing three brand new budget-conscious sand stone colours to their sawn stone paving collection.

London Stone Showcase Products at Garden Design House, West Sussex

London Stone, one of the UK's leading natural stone suppliers, is renowned throughout the industry for offering the greatest collection of high quality natural stone paving and products, and for conveniently displaying them around the country, allowing the maximum number of customers to see London Stone products in person before purchasing. Just one of the amazing places that the stone supplier are currently displaying their products is Garden House Design West Sussex.

London Stone Product on Display in Cornwall

London Stone is one of the UK's greatest suppliers of natural stone, however when made people here their name they simply come to the conclusion that the company only offer their amazing stone paving options and products to those in the Capital. This however is not the case. London Stone also showcase their fabulous stone products in various other locations – including but not limited to Cornwall.

Urban Landscapes Now Featuring Top London Stone Products

Urban Landscapes in the North West has recently introduced a wide range of London Stone products, making it easier for those in the North West to go and view London Stone natural stone paving and product before committing to buying.

London Stone: Helping People Utilise Their Stone in the Greatest Ways

London Stone is a natural stone paving and stone supplies provider that is known throughout the country for the amazing quality of stone that they constantly aim to provide – and it doesn't stop their either. The company are also known for their great efforts to impress their customers, making it their task to ensure that their customers are 110% happy at all times.

London Stone Dominated 2017 – And Are Now Planning Big Things for 2018

London Stone, one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality natural stone paving and materials, absolutely smashed 2017, impressing their customers immensely and building themselves up as a company more than anyone thought possible.

London Stone: Offering So Much More Than the Supply of Natural Stone

London Stone, one of the UK's leading suppliers of natural stone paving and products, is well known throughout the stone and landscaping industry not only for the superior quality stone which they constantly offer, but also for always going the extra mile. For example, London Stone do not only boast high quality natural stone, they also offer garden design consultancy services, with one of their directors, Craig Potter, available to collaborate with customers throughout specification processes, delivering seamless services every time.

London Stone Revamp Their Kent Showroom

London Stone have recently refurbed their South-East London Showroom based near Junction 4 on the M25 in Kent – This is their most popular showroom in terms of walk-in custom so they have done this to ensure that their customers and visitors can feel comfortable and welcome, even during the busiest times.

Connect with a Landscape Specialist on the London Stone Website

London Stone is not only a dominating supplier of the highest quality natural stone, but also a company which always goes an extra mile to help their customers and clients. On the London Stone website for example there is a 'Connect with a Landscape Specialist' feature that allows people to search easily for the greatest landscapers, garden designers and paving services in their areas.