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Midwest Neurology Associates Are Utilizing Infusions for MS and Pain Management

LogoSpecialized in pain management, Midwest Neurology Associates are administering infusions to treat multiple sclerosis and oversee pain management for their patients. Medical experts of the Merrillville, IN area, the neurologists at the center leverage the latest technologies in the field as they treat the underlying biological causes of neurological disorders and conditions. The leading neurologist, Dr. Kassar, oversees a team of medical professionals and board-certified physicians who aspire to the highest quality service.

Midwest Neurology Associates Is Relieving Back Pain with Advanced Techniques and Treatments

LogoDr. Kassar, the Board-Certified Neurologist of Midwest Neurology Associates, has always taken a comprehensive and nuanced approach to medical care. During his residency and the years of research that followed, his breadth of medical knowledge and his ties to local communities only grew. Now he and the specialists of Midwest Neurology Associates apply their expertise in pain management for patients in areas like Merrillville, IN. Headquartered at a handful of locations, they bring pain relief and neurological care at an affordable price and a quality that is unparalleled. In fact, Midwest Neurology Associates continues to treat back pain with some of the best and most advanced medical techniques and treatments in the field of neurology.

Midwest Neurology Associates Offering MS and Infusion Therapy

LogoSince 2013, the team at Midwest Neurology Associates has treated people from all around the Merrillville, IN, and surrounding areas. With pain management in mind, they employ the finest neurologists and medical specialists in their fields, diagnosing, and analyzing their patients' medical conditions with the utmost care and compassion. Dr. Kassar brings his vision of medicine to the residents of Northwest Indiana, seeing that Midwest Neurology Associates harness the skills of multiple specialties, including physical therapy, nutrition, and neurology. At their clinic in Dyer, Indiana—and Illinois, by February of 2018—they'll be offering MS and infusion therapy to all of their patients.

Midwest Neurology Associates Apply Medical Authority to Treat Symptoms of MS

LogoBack in 2013, Dr. Kassar founded Midwest Neurology Associates with the clear intent to diagnose and treat medical conditions and symptoms like pain. He understood that how and where one is treated can be as crucial as the treatment itself. With a focus on neurological care, Midwest Neurology Associates synthesizes the best talent from physical therapy, pain management, and other specialties. In the hands of an exceptionally skilled staff, the latest medical technologies can treat medical disorders in entirely new ways. Midwest Neurology Associates is applying its authority in areas like Merrillville, IN and others in its treatment of MS.

Midwest Neurology Associates Provides Residents of Indiana with Various Forms of Back Pain Relief Therapies

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a multispecialty medical facility located in Northwest Indiana, provides residents with various forms of back pain relief therapies as a part of their pain management program. The dedicated staff at Midwest Neurology Associates understands how chronic pain affects their patients everyday lives and works tirelessly to achieve solutions through advanced diagnostic and therapeutic testing.

Midwest Neurology Associates Offers Comprehensive Headache Treatments to Patients Suffering from Varying Forms of Head Pain

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a pain management facility in Highland, IN, offers comprehensive headache treatments to patients suffering from varying forms of head pain. This may include a sinus headache that long overstays its welcome, or an acute headache that starts suddenly and goes downhill quickly. Midwest Neurology Associates has top-notch treatment options available.

Midwest Neurology Associates Provides Patients with Trigger Point Injections to Relieve Various Types of Muscle Pain

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a pain management facility in Munster, IN, is pleased to announce that they offer patients trigger point injections to relieve various types of muscle pain. The goal at Midwest Neurology Associates is to improve the quality of its patients' lives through individualized treatment plans, timely appointments, and effective communication between its patients and doctors.

Midwest Neurology Associates Now Offers Nerve Blocking Treatments for Patients with Chronic Pain

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates is pleased to announce that its many medical centers throughout Northwest Indiana offer nerve blocking treatments for chronic pain. Nerve blocking treatments are administered through an injection to heal chronic pain when medication has failed in the past or caused adverse side effects. Residents of Crown Point, IN, in need of pain management should contact the board certified medical experts at Midwest Neurology Associates to find pain relief today.

Midwest Neurology Associates Accepting New Patients in Need of Headache Treatments

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a medical practice that offers pain management services out of five locations in Lake County, IN, is pleased to announce that they're accepting new patients in need of headache treatments. Since the beginning, lead practitioner Dr. Samer Kassar and his team have sought to help patients who suffer from intractable headaches, and who've also found no relief with conservative methods.

Midwest Neurology Associates Aims to Help Patients Achieve Healthy Lifestyles by Encouraging Proper Nutrition

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, a pain management practice that takes patients from Highland, IN and the surrounding communities, is pleased to announce that they are taking patients who are interested in learning about how they can lead healthier lifestyles. Since the medical practice was founded, lead practitioner Dr. Samer Kassar and his team have sought to help patients improve their quality of life, and, of course, find the treatment they need to live pain-free lives. By helping patients learn how they can live healthier lifestyles, he hopes that he can aid them in acquiring the extra energy they need to get through life's everyday challenges.