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Midwest Neurology Associates Offers Comprehensive Treatment Plans for MS

LogoThough there is no cure for multiple sclerosis (MS), treatments can help lessen MS symptoms and provide leg, neck, and back pain relief in Highland, IN, and beyond. The board-certified medical professionals at Midwest Neurology Associates are proud to provide comprehensive MS treatment plans that can alleviate symptoms and lessen pain.

Midwest Neurology Associates Provides Pain Relief for Migraines

LogoThose who suffer from migraines know firsthand just how painful, annoying, and inconvenient those headaches can be. Unfortunately, many Americans don't realize that there are treatment options available and instead, choose to suffer through the pain. Midwest Neurology Associates is ready to help anyone suffering from migraines take back control of their life with pain relief treatments and consultations.

Midwest Neurology Associates Booking New Patients for January 2019 and Beyond

LogoDr. Samer Kassar and his team of highly skilled, board-certified neurologists are welcoming new patients to Midwest Neurology Associates for the new year for all neurological and pain management needs. Offering five convenient locations in Indiana, Dr. Kassar and his associates treat a plethora of patient ailments and utilize state-of-the-art technology to cut past patient symptoms and discover the root causes of their issues to create specialized, individual treatment plans.

Midwest Neurology Associates Offers Nerve Block Treatment to Patients with Chronic Pain Conditions

LogoMany patients who have suffered from chronic pain conditions for long periods of time often wonder if they will ever be able to find relief for their discomfort. As the most dedicated pain management team in Indiana, the neurologists at Midwest Neurology Associates take pride in using the latest and greatest medical techniques to help their patients eliminate pain at its source. In fact, one of the procedures the team at Midwest Neurology Associates uses to combat chronic pain conditions is a nerve block treatment.

Midwest Neurology Associates Now Taking Patients in Need of Pain Management Services

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates, one of the nation's top neurology and pain management facilities, is now scheduling appointments for individuals in need of pain management services. Whether it's a severe chronic and progressive headache or a pinched nerve in the back, Dr. Kassar and his team of board-certified physicians handle each patient's case with the utmost care and compassion.

Midwest Neurology Associates Accepting New Patients in Need of Pain Management Services

LogoAs the leading back pain relief specialist near Munster, IN, Midwest Neurology Associates is continuing to take new patients who are in need of effective pain management services. The Institute of Medicine of The National Academies reports that nearly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain daily. That means chronic pain affects more Americans than any other major health condition such as diabetes, stroke, or cancer. With advancements that have been made in modern medicine, more health providers like Midwest Neurology Associates, are coming up with effective treatments to help combat the pain patients are feeling. To learn more about the treatments offered at this pain treatment center, contact Dr. Kassar's office today.

Midwest Neurology Associates Offers Various Pain Management Techniques for Patients Across Northwest Indiana

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates is proud to offer various pain management techniques for patients across Northwest Indiana. According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, nearly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis. Chronic pain affects more people than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. However, modern medicine and health providers are becoming increasingly better at finding new and effective treatments to combat pain for their patients than they were a decade ago.

Midwest Neurology Associates Available to Take New Patients This Summer Season

LogoMidwest Neurology Associates is pleased to announce that they are now taking patients in need of individualized pain management services this summer season. Dr. Samer Kassar, a Board-Certified Neurologist, serves as the lead practitioner at Midwest Neurology Associates. Through the years, Dr. Kassar has helped a number of patients find the treatment they need for various neurological, psychological, and cerebrovascular disorders, ailments, and injuries.

Midwest Neurology Associates Now Accepting New Patients at All Locations

LogoDrs. Samer Kassar and Susi Misra of Midwest Neurology Associates are now accepting new patients at their facilities in Dyer, IN, East Chicago, IN, and Lynwood, IL. The group that specializes in neurological care including headaches, nerve blocking, back pain relief, and multiple sclerosis treatment are continuing to provide excellent patient care as they expand their operations.

Midwest Neurology Associates Is Offering Innovative Care for Chronic Headaches

LogoWith the help of personalized treatments, compassionate care, and prompt appointments, Midwest Neurology Associates devotes itself to its patients. With a focus on maintaining a comfortable environment, and clear, effective communication between its physicians and patients, the medical center offers such innovative treatments as infusion therapy to residents of areas like Munster, IN.