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Midwest Neurology Associates Help MS Patients Manage Pain Through IV Infusion Treatments

LogoNumerous men and women across the Indiana region who suffer from MS have been receiving pain management treatment from the premier neurology center, Midwest Neurology Associates. The practice, led by board-certified neurologist Dr. Samer Kassar, specializes in helping MS patients to manage and alleviate the pain they experience from their symptoms through the administering of intravenous infusions. The IV infusion therapy can be effective in minimizing the source of pain and is provided as part of a tailored treatment plan.

Midwest Neurology Associates Integrates Massage Therapy Into Their Pain Management Program

LogoMassage therapy can be an effective treatment for managing pain, a growing body of research shows. Midwest Neurology Associates, the pain management and treatment center based in Indiana, is pleased to announce that they incorporate massage therapy into their pain management solutions for patients. Dr. Samer Kassar, the practice's lead neurologist serving Highland, IN, and the surrounding areas, finds massage therapy to be a key factor in achieving pain relief.

Midwest Neurology Associates Now Accepting Patients at New Headache Urgent Care Clinic in Dyer, IN

LogoOn September 1, Midwest Neurology Associates opened their brand new headache urgent care clinic in Dyer, IN, to treat those in need of immediate attention. The clinic was opened as a viable option for men and women with chronic head pain to receive fast assessment as opposed to waiting weeks for an appointment. The clinic is now available for walk-ins with no appointment necessary.

Midwest Neurology Associates Opening New Headache Urgent Care Clinic This September

LogoWhen a headache becomes unbearable, and keeps recurring, it severely alters the quality of life, especially when medication and remedies do not seem to be working. To find relief from chronic headache pain, urgent care is necessary. With the objective to help more individuals find solutions to headaches and migraines, Midwest Neurology Associates is expanding their level of care with the opening of a brand new clinic. The healthcare facility, which specializes in treating neurological issues, is pleased to announce that they will be opening a headache urgent care center on September 1.

Midwest Neurology Associates Helps Patients Minimize Pain with State-of-the-Art Nerve Block Treatments

LogoMen and women who have chronic pain from a condition, illness or injury are often held back from experiencing life to the fullest. Chronic pain can make simple daily tasks extremely difficult, along with the constant discomfort of performing physical activities. However, with an effective pain management solution, individuals can get their life on track. Midwest Neurology Associates, the leading healthcare center for neurological care, helps patients manage their pain by providing treatment strategies and effective procedures. One of the procedures they offer is nerve block treatments.

Midwest Neurology Associates Now Accepting Patients at New Location in Dyer, Indiana

LogoPatients all across the Indiana region have been coming to Midwest Neurology Associates for neurological care centered on improving the quality of life. The elite center for pain management and other neurological issues utilizes the best in innovative advancements in the field to diagnose and treat patients searching for relief. Focusing on their efforts to expand their practice, the medical facility has opened up a new location in Dyer, Indiana, which opened on July 5th. Midwest Neurology Associates is pleased to announce that they are now taking patients at 1100 Joliet Street, Suite 201.