OHL Style Beef Jerky

OHL Style Beef Jerky Brings a Personal Touch to Delicious Jerky

LogoThe perfect beef jerky is a thing of beauty: an excellent blend of flavor, a good chewiness, and a satisfying snack all in one. Beef jerky is the perfect companion for a daytime hike, a cross-country trip, or as a way to spice up an average day at the office. At OHL Style Beef Jerky, creating truly delicious jerky is at the core of what they do best. Based in Texas, the OHL has been selling top notch jerky for 30+ years, with a special emphasis on the details that make good jerky truly great. From hand-slicing to overnight marinating, all the way down to the unrivaled pecan-smoked wood – their jerky is truly exquisite. Current flavors of their flagship beef stick include regular, hot, jalapeño, and cheese. Fans of the brand will be excited to know that they are currently workshopping a teriyaki beef stick.