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Phuket Property Recession Buster - Under 125,000 Dollars

LogoYesterday I went to see an apartment near Kamala on the West Coast of Phuket. The owner needs a quick sale, so the price is pretty good.

Thailand Healthcare Medical Tourism in Bangkok and Phuket

LogoDon’t be surprised if your need for a hip replacement or prostrate surgery lands you on a plane to Thailand. The global economic downturn has meant that everyone is searching for the best deals, not only in real estate but also on cars, holidays and medical fees. Governments and health care insurers are feeling the pinch and are consistently looking overseas for more cost effective treatments.

Phuket Culture Loy Kratong Festival

LogoThe Buddhist festival of Loy Kratong is held annually on the full moon of the twelfth month and is celebrated throughout Thailand.

Phuket Property: Location, Location, Location - Part 2

LogoNo matter which country you are buying property in, it's important to understand a little about the different areas. Find out which places suit your investment plan and lifestyle, and the sort of prices you should be paying.

Phuket Property No Room for Integrity

LogoWhen buying a house in Phuket, Thailand it's amazing the tricks some property developers try to pull and have no room for integrity.

Phuket Property: A Top Class Property at a Knock-down Price

LogoAre you interested in making some money? Or getting a 5-star property in Phuket, Thailand at a knock-down price?

Phuket Property: Thai Developer Sells Entire Project in 3 Hours

LogoYou may be surprised to hear that Thailand has been chosen as the best country in the world for expats to live in.

Thinking of Retiring to Phuket, Thailand

LogoIf you have ever thought about retiring, you’ve probably thought about where. Life in Phuket is a bit different to living in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok.

What Is the Secret to Successful Rentals

LogoIf your Phuket property will be empty for long periods, you’ve probably considered renting it. But obviously you need to buy the right property in the right place.

Thai Culture and Bizarre Phuket Customs

LogoYou could be forgiven for thinking some of the culture and customs here in Phuket, Thailand are a bit bizarre.