Relay Spray

Relay Spray Announce Exclusive Bulk Discounts on Wholesale Cleaning Products

The Relay Spray product is an exclusive cleaning formula designed specifically to clean and protect lacquered restaurant table tops. It is an unfortunate fact that most cleaning products used on wooden surfaces are in fact not designed for use at the front of house. The result is that many harsh cleaning products designed for metal surfaces are used neat on wooden table tops, resulting in corrosion and damage.

Disinfectant Spray Provider, Relay Spray, Launches New Blog

Relay Spray has launched a new blog to provide its customers with up to date information on cleaning products and industry tips. The blog can be accessed via the Relay Spray website and is updated once a week by the inhouse marketing team.

Relay Spray Launches Greener Wholesale Cleaning Products

Relay Spray is one of the market leading cleaning suppliers, chemically designed for the hospitality industry, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs and bars. They’re now launching greener biodegradable packaging on all of their wholesale cleaning products.

Relay Spray Launches Innovative Antibacterial Spray to the Market

Relay Spray introduces an effective range of ready and easy-to-use antibacterial spray for restaurants, hotels and cafes to benefit from. The antibacterial spray is purposefully designed for the re-laying of table-tops, after their service. These bottles are unique in the sense that they are specifically designed to be odourless, and chemically formulated to not damage the lacquer used on contract wooden table-tops.

Relay Markets Disinfectant Spray to Restaurants and Hotels

Relay introduces ready-to-use disinfectant spray to cafes, restaurants, hotels, and diners across the global. The bottles are available individually, six- pack, 250-pack, and 500-pack. One bottle costs £2.88 which is really reasonable and efficient. Large hotel and restaurant establishments can save enormously when buying the bulk packs.

Relay Spray Introduces Wholesale Cleaning Products to Businesses

Relay Spray introduces low-cost wholesale cleaning products in bulk volume to food service establishments. The disinfectant spray contains safe environmental chemicals that don’t produce harsh smells. It cleans wood table tops after each food serving and removes stains, food droppings, and bacteria. The multi-surface spray is usable on all most surface top materials without causing damages and discolouration.