Relay Spray

Relay Spray is a ready to use antibacterial spray specifically designed for the re-laying of table tops during service. There is no unpleasant smell to affect near diners’ experience. The surface spray solution has been formulated to be especially kind to the lacquer used on contract wooden table tops - which can otherwise become tacky to the touch with other sanitising solutions on the market. Relay is supplied in 1 Ltr, ready to use, bottles with trigger spray, so no need to dilute. Relay Spray has the following key benefits: Sanitising action Kills E. Coli (Escherichia Coli) Biodegradable Passes EN1276 Disinfection Standard Relay is unique within the disinfectant spray market, it is especially designed for use by the hospitality industry for cleaning polished and lacquered wooden table tops. While most antibacterial sprays were initially designed to be used in food preparation areas, which typically feature hard wearing stainless steel surfaces, Relay had the customer’s table in mind throughout its development. There are no harmful chemicals that could affect nearby diners, there is no unpleasant smell, and the antibacterial spray is specially formulated to be kind to polished and lacquered, wooden tables. Relay is an all purpose disinfectant which is suitable for ALL service areas, with its antibacterial qualities, it is the perfect solution for all busy hotels, restaurants and bars. Where traditional surface sprays designed for the kitchen can harm wooden lacquered tables with the daily use associated in the hospitality industry, Relay Spray ensures your tables remain in tip top condition, without that tacky to the touch feel that other antibacterial sprays tend to leave. It is these features that make Relay Spray the number one choice for restaurant and pub managers, and large chains to keep their tables sanitised for their customers and in top quality condition.