Roseman University

Roseman University Encourages Students to Develop Healthy Study Habits

Roseman University is one of the top health sciences universities in Utah and Nevada. For students to succeed at the university, they need to develop refined studying skills, adept application abilities, and a drive to find success under the pressure of high performance. One of the core tenets of the Roseman experience is the required level of mastery. All students are required to prove 90% mastery in their studies to not only continue their classes but to graduate from the university itself.

Roseman University Reimagines Learning with Their Six-Point Mastery Learning Model

Roseman University, a Health Sciences University in Henderson and Summerlin (Las Vegas), NV and South Jordan, UT, implements a unique teaching methodology in their classrooms. This method, titled, the "Six-Point Mastery Learning Model," functions as an exceptionally effective model for ensuring concept mastery and producing graduates that are competent in their field of study.