Rotacaster Wheel Ltd

Rotacaster 48mm Assembly Table Drives Dramatic Savings

Recently a customer needed a 48mm Assembly Table. The decision to go with the Rotacaster saved the company more than $20,000. Manufactured from engineering polymers, the Rotacaster’s injection-molded, weblike structure and over-molded rollers, ensure a durable and robust wheel with no pins, inserts or seams, making it ideal for tough environments. The fixed orientation of the wheel facilitates both simple and stable mounting alternatives that improve load stability and are less prone to impact damage.

Rotacaster Praised by Variety of Companies for Productivity Improvements

Rotacaster omni-directional wheels have been receiving praise from a wide variety of company leaders because of the superior load stability, as well as the robust, durable and corrosion resistant construction.

Holonomic Robot Wheels from Rotacaster Rated Best

The Rotacaster omni wheel is well-suited to robotics because it is tougher with a fully injection-molded frame ensuring no lost rollers. Engineering grade polymer structure with no steel inserts or pins and choice of polyurethane rollers guarantees optimum durability.

Rotacaster Shares a Variety of Omni Wheel Testimonials

According to Peter McKinnon, managing director of Rotacaster, “Patented Rotacaster omni directional floor wheels combine 360° movement with fixed orientation…it is the only real alternative to the swivel castor. We are thrilled so many firms have found the unique omni wheel to be helpful in productivity and safety.”

Rotacaster Multi-Directional Holonomic Robot Wheels Prove Best

According to Peter McKinnon, managing director of Rotacaster, “Holonomic robot wheels by Rotacaster Wheel Limited offer the ultimate in maneuverability and are built with the durability and ride quality of an industrial floor wheel.” This high performance robotic wheel is unique construction makes it the toughest, smoothest and fastest robotic wheel on the market with a choice of polyurethane or Santoprene rollers for outstanding durability and traction.

Rotacasters Proves Only Alternative to Swivel Caster

According to Peter McKinnon, managing director of Rotacaster, “Patented Rotacaster omni directional floor wheels combine 360° movement with fixed orientation…it is the only real alternative to the swivel castor.”

One Person Moving One Ton Easily With Rotacaster

One person moving one ton easily sounds like an exaggeration. Rotacaster proves this can be done easily. Peter McKinnon, General Manager of Rotacaster, shared a video demonstrating how one person whether in a warehouse, distribution center, or delivery process can move one ton quite easily and safely.

Rotacaster 3 in 1 Hand Trolley Shows Versatility With Omni Wheel

Rotacaster Wheel Limited is an Australian company with a focus on innovative product design. Rotacaster is a patented multi-directional wheel quickly becoming the alternative to the swivel caster. The Rotacaster is a sturdy, robust wheel, adaptable to a vast array of applications and it overcomes many of the limitations associated with the traditional swivel caster wheel.

Rotacaster Provides Multi-Directional Omni Wheel Solves Transport Solution in Amusement Park

Applications for the Rotacaster range from material handling equipment (hand trucks, trolleys, dollies, carts, skates) to shopping carts and luggage; from conveyor transfers, pipe rollers, and other inverted applications to robotics and patient lifts in medical settings.

Rotacaster Provides Multi-Directional Omni Wheel Solution for Cosmetic Manufacturer

According to Peter McKinnon, managing director for Rotacaster, “This innovative design can overcome issues associated with trying to move and handle materials. Rotacaster makes manual movement of loads safer, faster and easier. The most important message communicated by safety managers is the concern and need for workplace ergonomic improvements whenever and wherever possible. Especially when workers compensation, lost work days and insurance premiums can be reduced while improving productivity.”